Around here the autumn colors are fading on the trees, most are bare except some lagging oak and maple trees.  In one day, my two oaks dropped a ton of leaves on the driveway - I love it.  We do not rake leaves here, the property is too big,  my husband rides the tractor and blows them into the woods as best as possible. 

I've been diligently attacking a long list of tasks and errands this week.  So much so, I am feeling in control, confident and quite pleased with myself.  I don't know about you, but I try to do all the tasks in the morning if possible.  If I'm babysitting, I try to do a few after work on my way home.  Working a few days a week and going to the gym has made me more efficient.  Go figure! 

I've hit the sweet spot of balancing my time. 

Earlier this week, I celebrated my one year anniversary of going to the gym!  I remember clearly the anxiety and dread every time I went to my personal training session when I started and that dread lasted at least three months.  I felt like everyone was watching my ineptitude.  I felt frumpy and weak.  I knew not a single soul there.  Change is difficult for me, and new places are more so.

Today, I know so many people by name, saying 'hellos' and 'how are yous', commenting on inconsequential stuff (I love mindless chatter with a stranger).  I don't even think about anyone watching me.  Best of all, I enjoy walking in a climate controlled environment on a treadmill reading my Kindle which is excellent for my arthritis.  So in a way, I'm glad my back was an issue last year to bring me to a new community of 'friends' and a feeling of belonging. 

Today I'm celebrating finally capturing a photo of that bird's nest in my cherry tree after many tries over and over the past few weeks.  The funny thing is the photo is with the iphone....oh well.

My knitting progress has been fierce - the piggy mitts are almost finished.  They are adorable!  Tonight I'll be making some eyes and snout dots. 

oak leaf dump
 Once I'm through knitting for others, I'll be knitting for me - I'll be celebrating that milestone.

piggy mitts!!
What are you celebrating?


  1. I'm celebrating a big pot of beef barley soup, many leaves picked up (but many more still to come), a/n FO, and the start of Christmas knitting here. I know it's just about the time that you're finishing up, but I've only got a couple of gifts and they should be easy (famous last words)!

  2. I just had to stop my strength training at the gym due to arthritis. The arthritis in my wrist has been quite painful (didn't know I had it) and I am not allowed to lift. I might find a personal trainer at a gym like you did or look into Pilates. I think that might be better for me. I love your pictures. Fall looks beautiful. Congratulations on sticking with the gym for a year. Well done!

  3. We are celebrating another huge task done on the house ......the beams in the basement and the new rafters in the attic are DONE!!!

    I'm so glad the gym has helped you to feel better. :-)

  4. So much! Little things... (a brief respite from the rain so I could get out and walk!) Big things...(the ability to go vote!!) And, yes... the weekend!

  5. Those piggy mittens are adorable and I think they might be the perfect gift for my great-niece! I have a busy weekend coming up, we have our annual church holiday bazaar tomorrow and tomorrow evening is the annual fund raiser dinner for the Newman Center at EIU, so I will be doing a whole lot of celebrating with friends this weekend!

  6. Congratulations on a year at the gym! That's so good and so glad it has really made a difference for you. I'm celebrating that it is Friday - it's been a crazy/busy week at work and I am glad to know that it is almost over (to be continued next week...but for now a little respite...). Happy weekend to you!

  7. Oh and I forgot - those piggy mitts just crack me up. They are great!!

  8. Wow, time flies, Karen - congratulations on your gym-aversary! I'm gearing up to celebrate another year around the sun - and 35 years of marriage!

  9. That Gerard's medication is finally balanced and is working well. He enjoys the gym too and the conversations he has with others there. I am also celebrating getting treatment for my shoulder and am looking forward to been pain free. Love those piggy mitts.

  10. Congrats on your gymiversary!

    Thankfully, we 'rake' the same way - with a mower. And we'll be very thankful for it this coming week. Today is cold and raining and the leaves are falling almost faster than the rain. Such a perfect day to stay huddled inside with yarn and my Kindle. But next week, we'll have to do something about the leaves in order to even find our driveway.

    Can't wait to see the finished mitts!

  11. Congratulations on your healthy habits.!!! and that piggy is too cute.

  12. Yay for all the wonderful things you have to celebrate!
    I am celebrating that the weather has the most brilliant chill to it. The fact that friends I made many years ago, still reach out.
    Those piggy mitts...too sweet!

  13. Looks like you have had a wonderful week. It is so beautiful where you are. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. I am celebrating the coming of the holidays and my efforts to be prepared in the weeks leading up to them. We are scaling back on the number of gifts for the girls (an ongoing struggle, but this time I think I'm successful!) so that what we do give is meaningful. I have begun using the three magi rule of thumb: three gifts for each, just as Jesus received three from the magi. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is a little over a week away!

  15. Going to the gym is such a good accomplishment. When you wrote this, we were in Texas celebrating family.


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