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Can you believe Holly the cat and Frodo the dog are two feet apart?  This weekend has been crazy zoo-like with these two furries.  Holly must have found her big girl pants, found some bravery and  decided to come into the 'dog zone' part of the house, over and over again.  A few days ago, she came out.  Frodo chased her back to her room and she promptly returned for more 'fun' under the safety of the couch watching his every move.

These teachable moments are valuable for both of them.  We get a little stressed out about it but it's all about them and not us, right?

The whole weekend was a teachable moment!

Holly chases a light beam
 How was your weekend?  Mine was great, I read a lot, knit a lot and wasn't stressed out the least bit.  We didn't have any plans,  so we stayed home.  You know I love that. 

After Saturday night Mass, we went out to dinner at a local bar instead of the pizza pick up run.  I enjoyed doing something different. 

Call me crazy, but I'm reading Washington by Ron Chernow (he wrote Hamilton) with my son.  I'd love to finish this before January first but I think this is a lofty goal.  As always, starting a book is exciting and fresh and fun.  When I'm a third of the way in, I'll be wishing the biography wasn't so long.

I'm nearly finished with the toddler sweater - I hope to cast off on the second sleeve tonight.  Then I'm planning on knitting a cowl for the toddler's mother in the same yarn since I bought a ton of yarn.

apple crisp that tastes delicious but isn't great to look at

How was your weekend?  Tell me all about it!


  1. The dog and the cat getting along is a great accomplishment. Im glad you had a great weekend. Zach came in for part of his long weekend and he is the happiest I've seen him since he returned from MExico in July. I guess things just take time. ( I want everything now. ) MY weekend: including my son!!! hooray. Knit shop trip with new project. Yeah! It has been cold, but wonderful in ways so I'm happy with that.

  2. Holly and Frodo getting closer is great ! Wish I could say the same, but I fear it's the contrary over here with my two felines... My weekend was okay, on Saturday I had the opportunity to finally get rid of some household refuse, with the help of my brother ( and niece, a wee bit ), which I am very grateful for.

  3. I swear that Frodo is smiling in that top photo (probably because he's so happy that Holly is his friend, even if she's under the chair)!

  4. oh I love all the LIGHT in your photos! glad you had a low-stress weekend - here's to Monday!

  5. I am with Mary... that light is so lovely! And, go you on that impressive read! He is on my "someday read" list! :)

  6. Love the dog an cat stories, they will figure it out and become best friends. I went to a wedding, it was beautiful. Have a great week.

  7. Oh my goodness, that look on Frodo's face is priceless! And Holly peeking out from under the couch made me laugh out loud! We spent the weekend at home also and, like you, I loved it! We've had a busy couple of weeks recently so we were both so happy to have nothing planned!

  8. Oh that tease, Holly!!! LOL

    I've picked up that Washington book several times at the bookstore, but it hasn't come home with me yet. I'm intimidated by the size AND the fact that I never did finish Hamilton.

    You'll have to keep us updated on how you get on with it.

  9. Sweet pictures - I think your animals are becoming fast friends...they may try to make you think otherwise though - lol. Glad your weekend was so nice. ours was great too. Fletch and I are reading a biography of Ben Franklin - it is good...but very long!

  10. Holly under the chair made me smile. We had quite a leisurely weekend too.

  11. The stars must have been aligned for cats & dogs this weekend. My sister's don't get along, at all, but she shared a photo on Facebook of them snuggled up together on the couch.

    The sweater is looking great & I bet Mom will love having a matching cowl.

  12. Holly is quite the little character. The sweater is so bright and pretty. You have been knitting up a storm.

  13. You are whippin' through that cardigan WIP! I'm envious of your knitty productivity. I love how Holly pokes at Frodo's space and patience.


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