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I ran out of the gradient yarn this week on the shawl and added a dark maroon wool that I had left over from a previous project.  I can't decide if I love it or hate it, so I keep knitting and hope that the blocking makes me love it. 

Maybe I'm becoming a crazy knitter.  Now that Christmas is getting closer I am picking what I want to fret about.  Yarn substitutions just doesn't seem like a pressing manner to me.  If I don't like it I'll rip it out and find something else.

My lovely cowl has been shelved for this week because of the feverish shawl knitting.  I cannot wait to get back to it.

On a whim I decided to knit a few Christmas stocking ornaments.  I wrote this pattern quite a few years ago and they are a nice little gift to give.  I'm planning on giving my trainer at the gym one with some money and candy in it.  He has changed my life and I'm thankful for my ability to move without pain.

I thought I was done Christmas shopping and was quite smug about being on top of the stress.  My smugness was eliminated when I was wrapping presents and discovered that I need to buy some few things for my husband.  He is difficult to buy for as well so my work is cut out for me.

I'll be going out shopping with my son next week since he didn't even start shopping so I'll be looking for inspiration during out outing and having a lovely lunch out with him.

The sun came out earlier this week, a miracle!  I took photos as I squinted and realized how wonderful the sun felt.  This year has been dreary, cloudy and rainy.  Sunshine is a big deal these days and I'm grateful I witnessed a beautiful day to get me to the next beautiful day. 

This morning Holly snuck by the ottoman (where Frodo sleeps under) and made it to her cat tree and stayed still for FIVE minutes.  This is progress for her.  After the five minutes of stillness she jumped down, Frodo heard her thud landing and came out to bark at her while she hissed at him.

Silly animals.  The will be besties yet.


  1. Love the photo of the leaves. That is FRAME-WORTHY!

  2. I also thought I was done with shopping, but like you, I found that I needed something else for my husband. I know what I'm going to get, but I just have to brave the store. I'd so much rather stay home and knit!

  3. I have the exact same problem in buying Christmas presents for my Hubby. He requested a couple of turtlenecks, but what else? Enjoy shopping with your son. Holly may be still, but she doesn't really look relaxed. I love the cowl. I hope you like the maroon on the shawl.

  4. Ah yes, the husband conundrum. Every. Time. Sigh.

  5. I have a few odds and ends to finish up. Good luck on your shopping excursions!

  6. I just need to pick up a few stocking stuffers and boss gifts (always wine - so that's not difficult). Holly looks cute on her perch. Have fun shopping with your son - Colin and I used to do that all the time when he was young and I loved it.

  7. That stocking is awesome. How nice to gift someone who by doing their job, changed your life ! As for presents: I need to find two still. One for my sis and one for my father. Ive got 3 gifts to mail out, yet. And not realizing how late it was, I ordered al and zach each a gift that wont arrive till 12.24. Yikes it is getting late for that !

  8. Love the little stocking. I knit what felt like 1,000 of them for the people at work. I just use a standard sock pattern with way less stitches. Does your pattern differ much from a regular sock?

  9. Oh...that stocking ornament is just gorgeous! And your trainer will love it when you present his to him. I'm so glad that he has helped you with your pain level! Happy shopping next week with your son!

  10. I hope you like the shawl - maroon and all. If that color doesn't make your heart sing, you can always use something else. And the cowl is going to be swoon worthy. Have fun with your son.

  11. Ah, have a lovely time with your son. I know I can never get enough of mom time. :)
    Yay for the angel that is your trainer...what a great gift idea. Bonus, I did not know you had a pattern out there for mini stockings- into my queue it went.
    Good luck with the shawl knitting, love.

  12. Your photos and posts are always so lovely and calming, just what we all need this time of year. I think I am done shopping but won't know until I get things all sorted out. Have a great week.

  13. Funny Holly! Wow, knitting in 38° weather? That is somethin'. My husband is hard to shop for now because he technically has more clothes and shoes than me.


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