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Early spring is difficult for me to capture through a camera lens.  I've been outside twice trying and I've learned that different lenses lend to different captures.  I love learning.

No matter what the temperature is outside, it looks like spring and that is enough for me.  Fresh leaves are sprouting and every day is a new development.  I adore the green sheen along the roadways as I drive.  Spring has sprung! 

I keep circling back to thinking about making each day the best day ever.  How do I do it?  Well it's a splattering of a few things. 

Of course, I have to do certain chores every day.  I try to do them as soon as possible so that the rest of the day can be free.  I tend to usually go to the grocery store on a gym day (ugh), however, I've been stopping at the grocery store on my home after a work day.  My oh my has this freed up time on the gym days. 

I guess I consider grocery shopping as work...which it is for me. 

As you know I knit every single day.  I don't need to push myself on that activity.  It's a part of my life and I just do it.  I've honed my photography skills as well over the years.  Picking up a camera is part of my life and I don't think twice about fitting it into my daily life.

The drawing and painting is where I need to push myself.  So I try to be flexible and set aside time at least a few times a week to sit and draw something.  Thinking of what to draw is the hardest part.

I did this with creating a writing habit as well.  'What do I write about' would circle in my mind and freeze me up.  'What do I write about' had me in a holding pattern for over two years.  It's my creative process apparently!

So if you want to do something creative, just do it.  Force yourself to try and give it a few minutes and it's okay to quit.  It's okay if you love it or hate it. 

Back to making a day the best day ever.  Besides the chores, the job and the creative pursuits, I try to focus on something positive.  There is something each day that makes that day unique.  Some days are challenging but I do find a positive on the bleakest of days.

So about my socks.... I am announcing that this will be my FIRST pair of fraternal socks (they will not be matchy-matchy).  I feel like I'm adrift on unknown waters.  I always match up my socks exactly.  I didn't come to this decision lightly, the yarn did.  After I finished the first sock which is cuff down heel flap construction and started the second sock, I looked at the skein and realized I could not start the sock at the same color place and match it up to the first without running out of yarn. 

The colors are beautiful and I'm trying to be 'okay' with unmatching socks.  I might need a support group for this one. 

So do you match your socks or not??


  1. I say socks do not have to matched, especially if they're handknit. What's important is the feel of the yarn and the colorway. My girls are lazy and usually wear two, mismatched shorties; they simply don't care.
    I totally hear you on having to grocery shop. Figuring out dinner can be such a chore. I ran to Costco yesterday, on an early dismissal day, and then made myself walk for a 16-minute program and then run for 19 minutes. I was pooped.
    If you ever need writing prompts there are plenty on Pinterest.

  2. Life is too short for matching socks, trust me on this one. You won't notice - at all!

    I love the sharing of your creative process - it speaks volumes to me! Thank you!

  3. I'm also interested in your creative process. It surely is working! I've been working on recovery and am pretty tired most days, but I think a return to some creativity might help. My knitting and reading mojo (mojoes?) seem to have disappeared completely, but I think I'll have to take your advice and just do it!

  4. I match them if it is easy. If it's not ................similar is just fine.

  5. I’m still struggling with socks but I will keep trying. At this point I would be happy to have one finished sock so matching isn’t terribly important 😁. I think your non matching socks are lovely.

  6. I have no problem if my socks are not matchy-matchy. But if it ends up really bothering you, one thing you could do is buy yarn from Must Stash Yarn. She has a type of yarn called Must Match Sock, and when you wind it, it is two balls of yarn that start at the same spot. Which I find amazing.

    I saw a sign recently that said, "Every morning when you wake up and draw your first conscious breath, someone else is taking their last. Treasure every day." When I can't find any other positives in a day, I try to remember that.

  7. I don't worry about matching socks. I just enjoy knitting them. If they match (and sometimes they do) that works. If they don't (which is more often) that's fine too. Fun to read about your creative process. I also think there is always something positive that can be found in each day...sometimes you need to look a little harder, but the positive is there...somewhere. Hope your weekend is lovely. Enjoy!

  8. I loved reading all of this, Karen. xo
    I have never knit socks before, but I'm pretty sure I'd need a support group for mismatched socks. Haha!!! (though I like the idea of freedom in the mismatching, I'm being honest. That'd be a hurdle for me ;)

  9. When it comes to sock knitting, I'm thankful of my 'it's good enough' attitude. With self striping/patterned sock yarn, I try to get the socks close to matching but they don't have to be perfect. With the type of yarn you are using, they don't need to match at all. Now mittens/fingerless mitts are a whole different story. They need to match, as in matchy-match. And if I'm using the type of yarn you are, I'll knit one mitt cuff to fingers and the next fingers to cuff so that the color striping lines up if I hold my hands together. I have no idea why that's so important to me because I rarely hold my own hand but....

  10. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't! I like them both ways. IF they are a gift I usually match them

  11. I usually try to match them. Right now I'm working on a pair that is pooling like crazy. n;t it great to finally see some real signs of spring?

  12. As others have written, I enjoy reading about your creative process. Your reminder is good, "if I enjoy it, I continue, if not I don't." I also remind myself that nothing hand made or created is perfect. So as for socks, if I can match them I do and if not I don't. Warm feet are warm feet. Your sketch is lovely.

  13. Karen, your photos are beautiful! I love seeing the same view captured from multiple lenses! ...and I am a huge fan of socks as fraternal twins (same yarn, same pattern - maybe not looking the same, you know). the only identical socks I own are store bought ones. and I buy those in bulk at Costco and then mix them up when I wear them. Right now I have a white sock on one foot and a white sock with a pink heel/toe on the other.


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