Yesterday's sunrise was glorious!  I was lucky enough to have my phone with me to snap a photo to share the beauty.  Even though the weekend was 'brisk' (that word is being kind, the wind was brutal!) the vistas are screaming SPRING.  We drove to a neighboring town for a street festival and the rolling hills speckled with farms and houses was delightful.

The street festival was too windy to really enjoy.  Vendors were trying to hold onto their gazebo tents and I was trying to keep my hood up and avoid the wind.  Also, there didn't seem to be as many vendors as last year.  We quickly walked about then had lunch at a restaurant to get warm.

For months our house has been peaceful and quiet with Holly the cat and Frodo the dog minding their manners.  All of the sudden, both animals decided to switch it up.  Holly is out and Frodo is whining to chase her (or bark at her).  He barked quite a bit at her last night but when I looked at her she was sitting between the window and the vertical blinds in a cat 'loaf' position.  She is un-phased by the noise this dog makes.  Poor Frodo, he is Wile E Coyote to her Road Runner (beep beep).

After I'm done writing this post, I'll be purchasing a skein of yarn for my sweater (if they have the color).  These are bleak knitting days, my friends.

My husband put up new track lighting about my sink!  I love how bright the sink area is now.  The previous light was a fluorescent humming buzzing one - drove me nuts! 

How was your weekend?


  1. The wind was brutal here as well. It tore our canvas gazebo top all to shreds and twisted the metal frame. Steve is out taking it down so it can be picked up by the trash men tomorrow.

    We did manage to have a few hours outside this afternoon before the rain set in again.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Hope you pets settle down soon. I've done a little knitting but mainly chores, book club, church, fed a fussy cat and sadly that was it.
    Oh and I bought a new recycle bin, not as exciting news as your lights which look great.
    Have a good week. Cathy x

  3. I bet you appreciate the new lights without the fluorescent buzz. That sound also drives me nuts. I hope you are able to get another skein of yarn. Brisk and windy here also - ah Spring. The flowering trees are in bloom though and quite lovely.

  4. Sounds like Holly and Frodo don't want you getting too comfortable! Your new lighting is lovely (especially without the buzz!) and I hope you can knit calmly knowing you've got enough yarn!

  5. oh make that yarn come fast for yoU!!!! I love your sweaters. They are perfectly fit for you! The animals here are shook up. Out on the porch one day, stuck in the house arguing with one another , the next. Tis Spring in Wisconsin. Soon they will be able to be out on the porch daily. My weekend was productive Finished a sweater shrug, discussed our porch plans for painting the concrete floor and bought much needed new cowboy boots!

  6. Too bad about the festival! I heard in The Netherlands, lot of King's Day festival were canceled because of the rain. These are the days I'm happy to live on a tropical island ;-)
    Your sink looks great! And those animals... must be spring fever ;-)

  7. Spring is in the air and the animals are feeling it! We had crazy wind here all weekend too. Thankfully the wind was worse that the storm that brought it. (They'd been predicting lots of tornadoes.) Wishing you much luck finding the correct dye lot for your sweater. I'm sure what ever you end up with, you'll make it work.

  8. Wind is the worst! I'm glad you found a way to get warm! ... I ran short of yarn on my Jaycee, too - thankfully I had some leftovers in the same colorway (different dye-lot) so I didn't have to order more. I used the different dye-lot for the bindoffs and button bands (no mixing in on the sleeves) and it worked fine. Good luck!!

  9. We are windy here also which helped last week with the high temps. LOVE seeing Holly and Frodo. Wait til you see my post tomorrow!

    1. And the track lighting your husband put up is cute. I like the shape of the lamps.

  10. Bo is feeling a little lost without Popeye, I have now become his default playmate, LOL! You have done an amazing job of acclimating Frodo to Holly, I always love when you give us an update. The wind was brutal here as well, causing us to spend a good part of the weekend indoors. It's been such a rainy April that any time the sun is shining I head outdoors. Have a great week, Karen!


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