How was your weekend?  Mine was a tad chilly - the temperatures dropped enough to turn on the heat.  Poor Frodo, he was groomed on Thursday and we switched to a 'summer' cut.  So yesterday was a trembling cold dog.  That wool blanket I knitted came in handy to make him toasty warm!

Our daughter and son in law were visiting this weekend and we had fun.  We went out for dinner on Saturday night along with some quick runs into local stores.

Yesterday on Mother's day we attended morning Mass.  Once home I made a brunch then said goodbye to our visitors as they headed back to Delaware.  The afternoon was quiet and I finished my sweater (hurray!!).

It is finished finished.  The stray ends are woven in and buttons are sewn on.  I even soaked and blocked last night as well.  I was quite productive yesterday and hope to take some photos tomorrow once it dries.

Miss Holly is getting braver and braver when it comes to people visiting for weekends.  The first 24 hours she isn't interested but then curiosity overcomes her and she sneaks a safe peek at the intruders.  So brave.

Today looks gloomy and I don't think there is a chance of sunshine, but I can hope. 

How was your weekend?


  1. I am enjoying these fickle spring days - and I will take them over the heat of summer! Even my garden is appreciative of these rains. Have a good week Karen! XO

  2. Hooray for your finished sweater, and maybe you can even wear it with these temperatures in the mid-40s!

  3. This weather! Feels like winter all over again. I don't want heat and humidity, but a little warmth would be nice. I turned on heat this a.m.!!

    Your weekend sounds so nice. Glad your daughter and SIL could get up for a visit. Looking forward to sweater pictures!!

  4. Weather-wise, we were about the same as you. I didn't put the heat on so much for the heat as to chase out the dampness. We sure have had more than our share of rain this spring.

    Congrats on finishing the sweater.

  5. Changeable weather but thankfully no rain. A wonderful weekend, I went to a Women's conference which I found most uplifting "Flourish". Looking forward to seeing the new sweater.

  6. Can't wait to see the sweater! Our weekend was busy, but we also managed to squeeze in a lot of beach visits and sunsets. I love living in the Caribbean ;-)

  7. Poor Frodo, hope it warms up a bit for him. Glad you've finished your sweater and had a nice time with family. We had a BBQ on Sunday, just our family and teen 1 girlfriend. The weather was lovely and warm, so after church we purchased supplies and had dinner in the garden. We had leftovers from the BBQ tonight (salad and rice dish) with roast chicken (from Saturday roast) in rolls or wraps. We usually do a roast on Saturday nights for dinner with chips and with potatoes and veg the following day. Cx

  8. That is cold when you have to turn the heater on. A low stress weekend I had and it was nice to nap for two hours one day and wake up leisurely the next.

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I know what you mean about the chill and needing to turn the heat back on. It was that way here too...it still is, actually. And it has rained so much these last three days that I don't know how there could be any rain left in the sky. :) Bu there have been times today when the sun has made its presence known! Loved those parts. :)

  10. Aw , she's a real cat. We had a good but cold weekend. I was sick and we ventured out to the show in Milwaukee that we couldn't miss. I spent much of mothers day on the sofa, just chatting to my kids and sister on the phone. It was a lovely quiet day. I think all of the rest really helped. I m still coughing but much less fatigued today. I even got to the barn, where everyone seems to have a runny nose and a cough

  11. oh ... yay for a sweater finish! - and if the trend holds that my weather is your weather a few days later ... you will be able (and better yet NEED) to wear that sweater by week's end :-) meanwhile, I'm happy that we won't need the air conditioner this week!

  12. Poor Frodo. I am back in long sleeves today, because it is so cold and rainy. I can't wait to see the blocked sweater.

  13. I am looking forward to seeing your finished sweater!
    Sounds like a nice weekend with both social and quiet times.
    I had a very nice weekend, too, with a knitting class, tea with friends, and brunch for our mothers.

  14. Cold here too.. so cold.
    yay on finishing the sweater!!


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