I finished reading the novel, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and it was good.  She touched upon some difficult topics with elegance.  I miss the characters and felt sad when the book was over.  That's a sign of great story. Ah well, onto some new books.  I've read all of the Agatha Christie books back when I was pregnant with my daughter and in a new to me town with nary a friend.  It was just me and Agatha getting me through those lonely days.  I'm never lonely when I'm with a book.

Anyways my daughter is 29 years old and I'm pretty sure I will not remember any of the stories.

I spent time painting each afternoon, squelching the negative thoughts as best as I could.  Oh I swear I am thinking 'well this is a hot mess' each and every single time.  But then I flip through my book and see the tiny progress and that makes me happy.

You know I wasn't an expert knitter on day one!  There are many many many hours, days, weeks, years and yes, DECADES into honing my skills. 

I am a firm believer that you can do anything you set your mind to doing.

My husband was away presenting a workshop and I had most of my Saturday to myself.  I read, knitted, painted, puzzled, ate left overs and watching many episodes of Anne with an E.  I'd say my day was fantastic.

Today my husband and I went out to lunch to celebrate Father's Day and then did a bit of shopping.  I found two summer dresses that look okay - I'm excited to wear them to church or where ever.

How was your weekend?


  1. Agatha Christie is a good fall back. This Spring I've been rereading fiction off my own bookshelves. I am amazed at what I don't remember. I really enjoyed A Gentleman in Moscow. Are you reading it? Your yard sure looks pretty. The rain has been good to all the plants.

  2. We have a full set of Agatha Christie novels we've read through twice and just tonight we were talking about reading them again because we always (almost always) for get who dunnit! lol

  3. I've read some Agatha Christie books, at a guess 10. Maybe I should print a list and tick which ones but I've probably forgotten who dunnit by now. Perhaps it's a personal challenge for the future.
    Your painting and garden looks beautiful, it sounds like you had a nice weekend enjoying life and reminiscing, Cathy x

  4. A Gentleman in Moscow is one of my all time favorite books! (and your painting is so inspiring!)

  5. Sounds like such a nice weekend! Love your painting and A Gentleman in Moscow is a wonderful book - enjoy!!

  6. Agatha Christie is my fall back when I need something familiar. I have all her books and reread them often. Your painting looks great!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I loved your painting, you underestimate your talent.

  8. I think your water colors are coming along nicely..
    Our weekend was crazy busy but also wonderful. I reconnected with a friend after 5 year and met her two adorable daughters for the first time and another friend after 3 years. All of our families got together and all our children played and it was just perfect!

  9. Enjoy Agatha Christie (I like Miss Marple because she knits) and I LOVE your watercolor!

  10. I was not feeling well all weekend, Im sorry to say . Better today. I got some knitting done. I managed to give Fireman a nice Fathers day with a few surprised. Mostly, though, it was late baseball and trying to rest. Im not reading anything right now..hmmmm

  11. I have been pondering the question of practicing lately. I don’t give myself the time to practice new diversions - give up too quickly. I like the idea of practicing in a notebook so you can look back and see where you began. Your posts always make me think. Thanks

  12. I read Agatha Christie back in the day too. And no, I remember nothing.
    Your painting looks great!

  13. I also have read all of Agatha Christie's murder mysteries! : ) I loved them when I was a teenager. Our weekend was spent returning home from New Hampshire, relaxed and renewed after a lovely week away. On Sunday we puttered around the house and watched the U.S. Open. It really was a perfect day!

  14. You painted great perspective with those watercolored trees.


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