Another weekend here then gone.  The days go quickly by, I'm half way through my summer break already!  Yikes and yes, I do miss work (after five weeks).  How are you?  How was your weekend?

Yesterday started off fantastic.  Our son came home for the week (he is having lasik eye surgery tomorrow morning, remember when it was canceled in June due to a lightning strike??) 

I had a slow day of doing a little bit of everything.  I started a new book, finished an old book.  I knit on a few current projects and I also painted.  I worked on color theory and mixing with my paints.  Overall, I had a great time.  You tube is a wealth of information and I keep saving more videos than I can possibly watch.  I also worked more on water control (this is a work in progress).

Last night after watching the movie, Stranger than Fiction, I fell asleep reading a book in bed (my usual).  At midnight Frodo was digging at the bedroom door to get out.  I woke up disoriented and assumed he wanted to chase the cat.  So after a bunch of letting him out, making sure he was fed and watered.  He was back in our bedroom in his cage and he kept fussing.

I don't know about you, but as a mature woman my sleep is precious.  I do not have insomnia but I sleep very lightly and I can be kept awake from worries, or too much sugar or in this instance being angry at Frodo.  What was the problem?

My husband took Frodo back downstairs one more time and that was when I heard the teeniest tiniest buzz buzz.  There was a beetle bug in the bedroom! 

Frodo is afraid of thunder and bugs in the house.  Bugs outside the house are okay. 

blueberry cake
 So I killed the bug and we had him sleep with us in bed.  Nobody had a good night's sleep and everyone is a bit dopey.  A 14 pound dog takes up a lot of room, ha ha ha.  How we slept with little children who are twice as big is a mystery. 

Anyways my knitting friends were over for knitting and talking and blueberry cake.  And that my dear friends was my weekend.

Fingers crossed tonight will be sweet dreams for all of us. 

look at that innocent face!


  1. That sweet boy could never be a problem I mean look at that innocent face! Your weekend sounds wonderful, a lot of creativity although minus sleep. Hope the eye surgery goes well. You will be on nursing duty this week. Make sure you sit and knit.

  2. awwww. That's how I feel about mice. Love them outside...can't sleep when they are inside! Hope eye surgery goes very well

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. It's nice to have your son around, and I hope his surgery goes smoothly (I'm sure it will!). I know what you mean about water control. That is definitely one of the many challenges to painting with watercolor!

  4. Frodo is giving you his "I'm sorry I kept you awake" look. How could you EVER stay mad at such a sweet face? LOL

    Giroux is only 8 lbs, but he can hog up a whole pillow!!!

  5. I have had dogs that were terrified of thunder (and fireworks - so July was just an awesome month) It was rough on all of us - humans and dogs! I feel bad for poor Frodo (and for you both!)

  6. It sounds like a nice weekend (love your painting!) except for the beetle and lack of sleep. Sending good Lasik thoughts for your son and I hope you all get a good night's sleep tonight

  7. I hope you are enjoying that book. I read it this spring and hard the author talk. She has an amazing story. Hope you get caught up on your sleep

  8. Look at that face...he looks so innocent. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Hope the surgery goes well and that you have a good week catching up with your son.

  9. Your weekend looks relaxing and perfect. Frodo IS an innocent, poor baby, poor you! Mylo was sick last week and I was up three nights at 3:00am for a walk around the neighborhood. Stumbling through the very dark was actually quite beautiful. I heard not a sound. Thankfully I was able to get back to sleep!

  10. Hope you had a more restful night for the week's end. If you figure out how come time goes so quickly let me know! The Frodo in your photo surely isn't the dog that kept you up? Not with that innocent looking face......

  11. oh yes! I do hope you found rest ... for you AND Frodo! also, I love Stranger than Fiction. The soundtrack was one of the first things I downloaded on my then new-to-me iPod. Flours :-)

  12. Hoping your son's surgery went well. Mailing had lasik surgery and is so happy to have had it.

    Poor Frodo, I don't like bugs buzzing around the bedroom at night either!! Can't blame him for being dissturbed. Hoping you all had a better night's rest last night.

    Knitting, talking and blueberry cake sound perfect to me!

  13. Such a sweet innocent little face, I hope the surgery is successful this time. I love the idea of knitting with cake and friends. Take care and sweet dreams, Cx

  14. Oh Frodo! Let your mama sleep at night! : ) . I agree with Hooks and Needles: knitting with friends sounds lovely! Have a good week, Karen, stay cool!

  15. That last pic of him is too precious.
    We can't have a child sleeping with us anymore..on those thankfully rare nightmare filled nights when one of them winds up in our bed.. the moment he falls asleep M puts them back in their room.
    Hope your son's surgery went well..

  16. Aw, Frodo! Love what you're doing with your paints. We never had a kid sleep with us. I didn't want them to be dependent on that habit.


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