Today is the beginnings of a two week 'staycation'.  My husband is off two weeks and I'm planning all sorts of fun things that we never seem to do on a regular basis.  How did life get so busy?  I blame the internet.. If I bottled up all the hours I spend writing this blog, reading blogs, reading news (and the news is fast paced!) checking social media accounts, the hours add up.

I scale back on some habits and amplify other habits.  I do love blogging, I love sitting here with my coffee by my side and sharing with you whatever I'm thinking about.  I love when I walk around with my camera and see what I ordinarily take for granted with quick glances. 

And that is why the staycation is exciting for me.  I have many local activities to explore and some easy day trips as well.  Car riding is fun (better than airplane riding, airport navigating).  I've been writing a list in my notebook.  Later today I'll see what my husband wants to do or not do.  I will have double the activities to accommodate weather.

On the top of my list is visiting state parks, picnicking (weather permitting) visiting the amusement park, exploring towns, attending festivals and lunching out.  August is a busy month and we have some social obligations already on the calendar - I like the idea of tucking in some fun while still sleeping in my own bed.

We've had a bevy of thunderstorms this past week which resulted in consoling Frodo.  I don't know if he is consoled or not but we try.  Thank goodness we are a team and take turns with him.

The light has changed, heralding in the soft signs of fall approaching.  As I walked to the mailbox yesterday, I noticed the acorns scattered on the driveway (yay!).  Truly a strong sign of fall, I'm ready. 

I started digging through my yarn stash with the thoughts of another project.  I haven't decided exactly what to knit but gosh, seeing some gradient yarns on blogs and on Ravelry has me thinking I need to yarn shop and forego stash diving.

During my two week staycation, I'm switching up the house decor.  I've already bought new towels and a shower curtain for our bathroom, and now I want a new comforter for our bed and one of the guest rooms.  I have a list of things I want from home stores that hopefully I will see when I'm out shopping.

I'm deciding on yarns for the third scrap cowl.  I don't like the dark gray wool in the photo below so I'm re-digging through the scraps to see what else 'goes' with the other wools.

almost finished


  1. Oh! A 2 week Staycation sounds wonderful to me. I am hoping/planning to dig through my stash this weekend and come up with some new knitting projects - as well as picking up some projects that have been abandoned for some time. I've seen a few red leaves in the woods around us (most likely poison ivy vines - they always turn first), so Fall is steadily advancing - YAY!! I'll look forward to hearing/reading about your Staycation - enjoy!!

  2. I love to travel but days at a time to stay home or do local things sounds lovely too. I have a 4 day weekend coming up at the end of the month. I also know that less time online would give me more time in real life but sometimes, scrolling and typing meet my low energy level too.

  3. Have fun! It sounds like you've planned things really well for a vacation where you get to see and do different things and still sleep in your own bed. Maybe you can even find some great gradient yarn at a yarn store in your travels!

  4. Your stay-cation plans sound wonderful, especially the yarn shopping part.

    If you ever want to meet up at Conversational Threads in Emmaus, just let me know. :-)

  5. staycations can be so great!!! :) Have a great 2 weeks! We've had lots of thunder storms too!

  6. Enjoy your stay-cation, it sounds perfect out and about and sleep in your own bed. One day I'd like to play tourist in my own county. Cx

  7. Hubby and I have been on a 5 week staycation where we have been unable to do anything but help our mothers. I am looking for a vacation, but we had to cancel the vacation we had planned for this week, because my MIL came home from the hospital on the day we were supposed to leave. I agree that the dark grey may be too much for the other yarn colors. I hope you are able to have some fun adventures over the next two weeks.

  8. Staycations are the best! I look forward to hearing what things from your list make it to the "do list"!!

  9. Enjoy every minute of your staycation!

  10. I love the idea of a two week staycation! Perhaps I could persuade my husband to do that too. Hope you both have wonderful time whatever you end up filling that time with.

  11. love love love staycations. So much to do here in summertime. It gets exhausting .
    Then when a tree falls in a storm or a person gets sick, or jury duty comes, it really gets so busy! But I love the windows open and the night air

  12. You have a good list for your staycation. Really car trips are so much better than navigating air travel. Maybe you will have to shop for a complimentary yarn for your next cowl. I plan to visit the local yarn shops for yarn for a birthday gift (November - but planning ahead for knitting is a good idea) for my sister. Enjoy seeing the local sites.

  13. My husband and I were just saying this morning that although our recent trip to Tuscany was lovely we don't feel relaxed. A staycation is probably what is needed and yours sounds delightful!

    We are looking for signs of autumns approach here too! The subtle changes in light, the shortening days and slight dip in the temperatures...even if it's only for a day or two :D.

  14. You have fun plans for your staycation. Have fun.


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