My heart is overflowing with gratitudes.  Yesterday was our 32nd wedding anniversary - I cannot believe we've been together for so long and yet it feels like yesterday we were hanging out together for the first time laughing at each other's quippy jokes.  Of course it's all blurry when the kids came and we muddled through parenting without family around to help. 

My wish for my kids is to have someone like I have someone and for much laughter in their relationship.

I had my annual mammogram last Wednesday and managed to not have extreme anxiety!  I calmly went and did the deed.  It was only a mere 24 hours later that I received the passing letter.  Those 24 hours were LONG and testing.  I am not a patient person at all and last year I had to have a biopsy because I switched from 2d to 3d technology.  I'm weird in that I believe I have an entire year of freedom until the next mammogram.  I'm thankful.

So far it seems that summer's clutch has let go and autumn is trying to edge into the spotlight.  Leaves are turning and the angle of the sunlight is softened.  I love the changes.  With autumn peeking around the corner, my knitting has been the spotlight of my attention.  I'm knitting more than ever.  I want to cast on all the 'stuff'.

Our daughter and son in law are coming for the weekend.  The house will be full and I've sketched out a menu plan to celebrate the Labor Day holiday.  I look forward to another weekend of family togetherness.

The walnut trees (picture below) are the very first to turn yellow and fall to the ground this time of year.  I have quite a few on our property and the roads near my house are lined with them.  The squirrels are doing the mad dash across to get the nuts and while I drive I try my best to allow their road crossings without incident.

Apple Tree Knits is having a discontinued yarn sale and I fell down the rabbit hole of internet shopping and I justified this because I do not have any gradient yarns in my stash.  You have been enabled :)

The banana leaf shawl is coming along.  I want to finish it soon so I can start something else.  I do like the pattern but this knit while very easy isn't one where you can read at the same time.  Good thing I always have more than one project on the needles.

The scrappiest of scrappy cowls is a delight to knit.  This is the project that goes to babysitting because I do not need to pay attention to the knitting, just the little preschooler who weaves incredible stories about amusement parks and hotdog eating (yes, I'm wanting a hotdog after her praises).

I'm grateful for:

sweet blueberries - coffee in the silence of the day - cat purrs - Frodo devotion stares - dinner with my husband - reading a good mystery book - soft wool in my hands - phone calls from the kids - the kindness of others - the little town I live in - the deer in the yard -

What are you grateful for today?


  1. So lovely! And Happy Anniversary. Your knitting looks wonderful and the new yarns!!

    I'm grateful for my family, a long weekend ahead and cooler temps. Enjoy the long, long weekend!!

  2. I' m grateful that you shared the Apple Tree Knits link and I can go visit and shop when I'm done commenting! Enjoy your long weekend with family!

  3. I am also grateful for that link! Ha! (and these glorious waning summer days!)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I am grateful that I got to go to the beach yesterday :)

  5. You just sent me to Apple Tree knits!!! Love your post. Grateful: Zach got to Mexico without any problems. He found an apt. His friends are welcoming him. Al is visiting her best pal ginny this weekend. Fireman and I get to go to the fair today. The hummingbirds are here constantly. The horses helped me get over Zach leaving yesterday. They were so lovely to clean up and work with

  6. Many congratulations on your anniversary. You share an anniversary with my parents, who celebrated 53 years together. I so agree about it being wonderful to have some to share your life with who you can laugh with, I too feel so blessed to in a wonderful marriage we are going to celebrate another year together on Monday. I hope you a wonderful weekend with your family x

  7. Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating 36 years this fall ... how are we old enough to be married that long? (and then I remember that Katie is 32 and we're about to have a 5 year old grandson ;-) ... celebrating gratitudes is a lovely practice. I'm grateful for cool mornings and planning to see my favorite two little boys tomorrow!

  8. That's an interesting mix of colors for your latest cowl, that mint and mulberry. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Have a lovely visit this weekend.

  9. Lovely, Lovely post and welcome to fall/farewell to summer! Happy Anniversary! 32 years is a milestone, for sure. Here’s to many more. I had my annual torture exam this month, too...and was grateful for an “all’s well” report, again! Have a wonderful weekend .

  10. Wishing you a happy (belated) anniversary. We have a big one coming up next week. I am grateful for THAT!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I think that scrappy cowl is my favorite so far and I can't wait to see what you knit with the gradients. I'm trying very, very hard not to follow the yarn shopping link.

  12. Happy Anniversary! I always enjoy your changing of the seasons photos they capture the changes so well and I am looking forward to fall too. I am grateful for time with family this week, Monday off work, feeling happy, getting organized, and feeling more on top of things lately. Nice knitted pieces! I love the cowl colors it looks like a great knit to take along.

  13. I'm grateful for this sunny but cooler day, the first chili (with home grown tomatoes) of the season and a visit with our son this weekend. Your knitting is as beautiful as ever. I agree with a comment above - this may be my favorite of your latest cowls.

  14. Happy Anniversary! And many, many more! Love those new yarns of yours/

  15. Happy Anniversary.. here's to many many more years.
    It's nice that your kids are relatively close that they can come over on long weekends.
    I too am looking forward to fall..


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