Another weekend!  I don't know how your weather is where you are, but here it's hot and humid.  I quit summer yesterday - well, as best as I could quit summer.  I'm hibernating in the AC, and I put one fall tablecloth out in defiance. 

Whenever my son calls to chat, we both commiserate about our lack of love for summer.  We talk about wearing jeans (comfortably) and dare we wish for a breeze and jacket?  Most people love summer, my husband especially.  I try to keep my grumblings to myself.  He bemoans the leaves falling into the pool, I'm squealing inside with joy.

Onto the weekend:

On Friday, I received a delightful fortune message - It made me smile all day.

So how was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good.  I did paint for an hour, I knit manically on a baby sweater.  So much so my wrist was hurting last night when I went to bed.  So today, I'm trying not to be a maniac. 

My grocery shopping is out of sync and I went on a Saturday morning, which makes Saturday not feel like Saturday at all.  Do you get like that?  Also it was expensive!  Why?

Saturday night was Mass - bakery run -  pizza pick up.  All the usual Saturday night highlights. 

I had a delicious Sunday morning with the house all quiet (husband on a bike ride).  I finished reading a book and fell into many rabbit holes on the internet. 

The laundry is done, the kitchen is cleaned up for the day and I'm ready to sip some tea and visit you all. 

Oh and guess what?  I found out today that I'm going back to work this week instead of next week.  Wish me luck with the 3 1/2 year old!!

How was your weekend?


  1. What a pretty color for that knit! I loves it. Love your tree watercolor painting too; it looks terrific.

  2. Hope your work re-entry goes well!

  3. Like your - cleaning is done, now some knitting / reading. I drft all day or after work, doing jobs in the house and never sit to read or knit until the evening. Then I turn the laptop on and waste time online and have no time to craft either. Not good... off to do a list and stick to time slots and knit today. Thank you for your inspiration, Cx

  4. I love your painting, sorry to hear that your manic knitting has resulted in pain. You can come and live with me if you need the weather to be more autumnal, it has definitely cooled to jeans weather here already, although it hasn't really stopped raining for over a week which you might not love too much!

  5. Great fortune (you are!), lovely watercolors, and sweet baby sweater! I also quit summer yesterday after a furious thunderstorm that knocked our corn down. If enough of us quit summer, do you think fall might really come sooner?!

  6. I am with you - why has the grocery store pricing increased recently? Very curious!

  7. I quit summer too! And yeah, groceries are obnoxiously expensive. Love your paintings and the knitting (great color). Good luck with the work re-entry!

  8. I quit summer too! Or at least I'm trying to. I'm definitely over it and Oh So ready for fall! Love how your baby sweater is turning out and your water colors are great!

  9. I can hardly wait for autumn to begin. What a humid summer we have had! Like you, I am spending a lot of time in the air conditioning, LOL! I manage to take Bo out for a walk in the early mornings and late afternoons. Our weekend was lovely, we had our oldest visiting from London for the week and then on Sunday our middle daughter and her fiancé visited. Good luck with the toddler, Karen! xo

  10. I'm with you.. I too have quit summer. I am ready to bring out my boots and comfy cardi's.

  11. oh. Well you sound ready for the change in your plans. I love the sweater and can see how you would want to keep go go going with it

  12. Good luck and lots of fun with your early workstart ! I, too, don't enjoy the summer heat. It always surprises me how some people react almost offended when you say you don't like summers, so I'm glad to know I'm not alone there.

  13. The green yarn is so soft looking. Such a pretty shade of green. I am thinking summer has just about worn out its welcome with me. Our weather is hot and humid. The painting is beautiful. Love the basket full of bright colors.

  14. You will be just fine with that wee little one, she loves you!


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