I've been content this week - I'd like to coin it as 'happiness' but happiness is a noisy word, one with overflowing joy or exuberance.  My contentment is quiet and still, it's drinking coffee in the same mug every morning while I write in my daily journal.  It's the same old same old, day in and day out boring stuff.

Many times while I'm here writing to you on this blog, I'll tap upon something I'm worried about or something that is crowding out my inner joy.  Today I'm writing about nothing in particular and that is something.

I'm a homebody, I love being home doing the same thing over and over especially after a trip.  I envy the travelers, the explorers and the wild abandon they experience while doing new things.  If I change eating my daily bowl of cheerios for breakfast that would be a crazy kind of adventure. 

Don't get me wrong, I love to go away, see new places and do new things.  But coming home is the bestest feeling in the world.  I unpack, I put all of our stuff away and revel in being home.

This past week has been blessedly uneventful.  I caught up on chores, I went to the gym four times, I started making holiday shopping lists (yes I start early..).  I love babysitting one day a week with a delightful three year old who is becoming more child-like.  Her inquisitiveness and our conversations have me smiling all day long.  Dare I say the terrible twos are a thing of the past? I hope so.  I bought her a tiny bag of polished rocks on vacation and they were a huge hit. 

I've managed to make dinner three days in a row, enjoying my kitchen and the rhythm of deciding the meal, preparing, cooking and cleaning up.  When the kitchen is tidy after dinner, the knitting commences in the family room along with some shows.

I wanted to document my ordinary here.  How wonderful to enjoy the now without a pressing worrisome thought.  While I'm content, I witness the change in seasons, the leaves turning, listening to the birds and crickets and loving the changing of sunlight.  My front yard is completely in shade by one o'clock p.m. 

In other news, the kids are coming home for the weekend, my house will be chaotic and messy and possible a little noisy.  I'm excited for them to come!

Holly and Frodo have been 'playing'- sort of.  She sneaks into the kitchen then runs noisily down the hallway to the cat zone, Frodo crawls out from under his ottoman (getting older and slower) and runs after Holly.  He's too slow, she's too fast.  Can you believe he will be 10 years old in October and she will be 2 years old as well?  Time flies.

I'll never forget finding her on the side of the road half dead and bringing her into our lives.  That was stressful but so worth it.

What brings you contentment and quiet joy?


  1. Your contentment shines through in your words and this post! Mainly knitting, reading, and walking bring me my own forms of contentment. I have plenty of worries, some big, some small, but doing those three activities is usually enough for me to help deal with my concerns.

  2. Oh, I wish I could find that contentment! I too love being home and doing the same things, but I'm still trying to find a rhythm after our big moves. Some day, I will, I'm sure.
    Wishing you a wonderful noisy weekend!

  3. Have you read the book, The Gift of and Ordinary Day? It was popular a few years ago and your post struck me as very much like the book. It is the lovely things we find in our day, ordinary things that we should enjoy and be thankful for. I am so glad yo had a great and comforting week.

  4. Thank you for this. This was like being wrapped in the warmest blanket for a wonderful hug. Yes to the ordinary lovely, it is the best place to be.

  5. I love 'same ole, same ole' thing. I like knowing with 85% certainty how my day is going to unfold.
    Great post today!!

  6. Walking, writing, knitting move me into contentment. I also love being home and enjoying the ordinary days. The fall decor in your photos is so you. Just wonderful.

  7. What a lovely peaceful post. Finding that kitty was predestined if you ask me. My week was ridiculously busy and My brain is tired. My body is too. working hard at the barn two day this week and paddle boarding with Mr. Activity has me ready for bed, but it is only 7:45! Enjoy your family visit!

  8. Such a lovely post, Karen. We are so much alike, I am happiest when I am home and don't have too much on my plate. I find great comfort and contentment in having a daily routine; taking Rambo for his daily walk, doing chores, taking time for something creative. This week has been lovely weather-wise and we have been spending as much time outside as possible. I saw that you have Trevor Noah's book in your stack. I just finished it on Audible, it was so good! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Been gone this week. Looking forward to going home tomorrow and getting settled back into life. Still a lot going on all fall, but maybe a little more being home time. I can relate to the homebody part. I go a lot and sometimes too much. Home sweet home

  10. Your contentment shines through as you write this post and the similarities to myself come through. Like you I am happiest at home in our little cottage surrounded by little craft projects. Have a wonderful weekend with your family. Thank you for your prayers Karen, we are touched by your generosity.

  11. You do sound content! It also sounds like my idea of a perfect life, minus the cleaning up. :) Hope you have a good weekend with the family.

  12. Being able to breathe during a relaxed weekend is contentment. It's been super busy here this week. I can't believe Holly is two. I have seen my neighbor's cats and the cat at the vet; their heads are BIG. Our kittens have 6 more months before they're officially one; I wonder if their heads will get that big. LOVE, love your fall decorations. You always have the best ones. My mantle is where I notice the most little decorations and have it decorated for fall and October; makes me happy. Now I just have to remember to turn on the LED lights for the two finds from Target.

    1. Put your lights on a timer and then you will not have to 'remember' to turn them on and off :)


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