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It's beginning to look like fall around here.  More leaves are turning colors but the weather is still holding onto summer temperatures.  This past week has overall been relaxing and calm.  I treasure the calm moments because who knows when and where the chaotic moments will occur.

Sometimes the chaos is just in my thoughts.

My daughter lent me a fantasy novel she really enjoyed in hopes to entice me into her genre of reading.  Initially when I started reading The Curse of Chalion, I doubted my resolve to dig deep into a created world and a lengthy story (502 pages).  Like many people I will recite a mantra of 'I don't have time'.

I've been treating this past week as a luxurious vacation since I didn't have to babysit on Tuesday.  I have a whole entire week to do whatever I want.  I've been digging deep in the freezer creating easy to heat meals.  Of course I've been knitting and then there is the reading.

On Monday, I chose to read during the day, telling myself just an hour will do for this tome of a novel.  Over the course of the week I've dedicated more than an hour a day to reading sometimes three hours.  I discovered the JOY of being immersed in a story, thinking about characters and wondering what will happen next in the plot.

I checked my news feed less often (I know, this week has been a doozy of a newsy week) and returning to my novel instead.  I noticed also how I usually knit and read at the same time.  This mass paperback book is too little to prop open, I was forced to just read.

What a wonderful experience.

When I was a teenager there was a used book store I shopped at often.  The owner charged half price for paperbacks and would give 1/4 of the listed price for trade in paperbacks.  I would scour the shelves, looking for books that would have the most pages for the least amount of money.  I would purposefully seek those 500+ pages of novels. 

Sitting and reading my daughter's book reminded me of those days.  My specially carefully procured pile of books that would transport me for as long as possible to a different time and place that only a novelist could take me.  I'd sit on the front porch swing and read away while drinking iced tea during the summer months.

Those days were forty years ago!  And here I am, reading a book, being transported to another world this time fantasy.  I'm not multitasking with my knitting (which I love to do).  I'm enjoying doing one thing.

The older I get the more I find that I am not into just one genre of books.  Give me a good book and I'm happy to read.

I am proud that I made the time in my day to commit to a personal reading challenge and to have the joy of discussing the book with my daughter once I finish reading.

What do you wish you would squeeze into your days that makes you happy?


  1. Oh, I think you know my answer! It is the same as yours, to make time in the middle of the day for pleasure reading. I don't know why I don't do it more often, reading is one of my favorite things to do! If I could live in a books store I'd be a happy camper. : )

    Have a wonderful weekend, Karen!

  2. Sounds like you have had a lovely week. I remember those summer days of reading big books (Hawaii, Gone With the Wind, Shogun) - I would spend hours in a chaise lounge under the birch tree in our back yard. It was heaven. I don't read and knit at the same time - I want to be able to concentrate on one or the other.

  3. I have been attempting to read one of James Michener's 900 pg novels, Centennial, for several years, and I think the reason I've been unsuccessful is that I don't pay enough attention and immerse myself like you did. I may need to try this way of reading.

  4. I love reading and lately I am allowing myself to take time to read. My reading is all over the place. I just like a good story, no matter what genre it is.
    Fantasy that plays in a whole different world is not my favorite type of book (I like fantasy that's incorporated in the real world), but it's growing on me.
    I've tried knitting and reading at the same time, but I prefer to focus on the book.

  5. What lovely pattern are you working on? Those are fall colors!

  6. Ahhhh luxury... Glad you are enjoying it :-).

  7. What a lovely post and a great question. I am so glad that you found the time to really enjoy your reading and not feel that it was a guilty pleasure, that is something we are not always very good at, or perhaps you are and it is me that is not good at it. What would I like to I squeeze in? I think it would time to sit on the sofas and do nothing.

  8. I would really like to take time to do more making (sewing, knitting, bookmaking) during the day. It seems I fit those things in around chores and errands. Funny you should write this post because I have been thinking about this for the past four or five days. Lovely shawl.

  9. A quiet cup of tea --- no reading, no knitting, no phone, no TV --- just the tea and me.

  10. Sounds idyllic such a lovely thought and making me ponder on the question. More time for family on skype or whatsapp would be lovely with a nice cup of tea.

  11. Good for you letting yourself have the time to read and submerging yourself into a good book. I think we don't allow ourselves enough time to do things we really enjoy like reading. We have to be on the go all the time and really never take an hour or so to simply read. Glad you had a great week.

  12. I too love to immerse myself in a book - especially on newsy weeks. It helps to balance out the stress and gives me a few moments of traveling with the book and that feels so good!

  13. Your posts always make me think. I am working on more time for tea and knitting, especially as summer has become a very wet autumn. But I also need to dig out my wet weather gear so I can get outside most days.

  14. For me, it was a screened porch with a fan and a large glass of ice tea. :) Currently, I'm in a reading slump. Over the last week, I've started 5 or 6 books, declared them boring and set them aside.
    Love your fall photos (specially the kitty - So cute!) Hope your temps cool down soon.

  15. Love your projects! I love to read also but can't get into fantasy no matter how hard I try.

  16. Fantasy is one of the genres that I mainly read besdies cozy mysteries. I like the ones where the MC is female. Cute pic of Holly. The fall leaves in the fun fabric, are they like potholders or for hot dishes? I like them!

  17. I don't think we have to _squeeze_ time for ourselves, into our life. I think it is a given. As important as any of our other *duties.* "Our time" is necessary for peace and health. If we do not maintain our health, who will "do" all our *duties*?

    Why shouldn't "our time", be as important, as anything else?

    I learned Young Adult Fantasy reading, with "Twilight." So happy I did! Have gone on to find wonderful Fantasy reads, since then. :-)



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