This week I've been listening to my body.  I thought I had allergies but there was a significant plot twist and I'm now convinced that it's a cold.  Grr.  Because of my autoimmune disease, I have a difficult time fighting germs and try my best to avoid getting them.

However, the preschooler that I babysit is ultra-generous in sharing ALL the germs.  I hand wash, I hand sanitize and still I get them. 

Wednesday I felt under the weather and cancelled the gym to stay home.  I spent the day trying to update my mac to the new IOS.  I drank buckets of hot tea and rested.  Last fall thru this past spring I was ill a lot and on antibiotics (a lot).  I'm all for modern medicine but I tried tried tried to beat this bug on my own.

As of today I'm cautiously optimistic that I might have won the war against this germ.  Maybe.  I'm not worse and that is a good thing.  Resting on Wednesday was the perfect solution.  I also spent time resting on Thursday.  My fingers are crossed that my body doesn't need antibiotics.

I plan to rest a bit today as well. 

My knitting has been fantastic.  The mitts in the above photo are nearly finished and I plan to make another pair for a Christmas gift.  I'm excited to finish these so I can start the next pair.  I have a hat on the needles as well.  This project is the one I take to work in case I have a bit of free time, which is rare but if I do not bring knitting you know that I will have a massive span of time wishing that I brought my knitting.

I've been listening to my creative self.  I've completed a daily sketch for the Inktober prompts and have really enjoyed myself.  Maybe I've made a break through with my past feeling of utter hopelessness whenever I picked up my paints.

My creative voice is so loud and excited.  My critical voice is non-existent - as it should be!

This morning I listened to a lone bird making songs as the sun rose.  The days are getting more quiet as we ease into the autumn season.  We are so close to a first frost which will end the crickets and tree frogs in the early evening.

I gave Holly a new toy mouse, can you see it on the step in the photo below?  She is so cute.  She plays fetch with the mouse all the time.  Tossing it down the stairs and waiting for you to toss it back up.


  1. I think listening is one of the most important things - and I do it so poorly! Great post (and thanks for the reminder about those Fallberry Mitts! I think I need to cast on a pair of those myself!)

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    The photo of Holly is so sweet. Giroux likes to lay in the bookcase and bat at a thrown toy. Maybe the Phillies could use him. He has a pretty good batting average.

  3. Nothing is more Wise, than listening to our body...... Nothing! It is whispering so many messages to us, if only we would slow down, seek quiet, and listen. "Who" knows us better, than our own body? -smile-

    And I also listen, at night..... Paying attention to the kinds of dreams I am having. When I get some really upsetting dreams, I know..... Something is going on in my life, which is not good for me. Something.... And I'd do well, to figure it out, and try to deal with it.

    Many times, it's me. My actions, wishes, trying-to-do's, etc. Which need a tune up. Which I need to look closely at.... And do the Wise thing about.... Even if it's not my "First Choice." At times, we _want_ to do, that which is not wise, for us or for "them."

    I am one of those (silly) people, who thinks she can fix-everything. For every one. -sad smile-

    This is one of those posts, which could have the Label of .... "Please Listen" because all of us, need reminding, to listen to our bodies. Thank you for posting it.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. It's so important to listen to one's body! And a blessing to be able to rest! take good care and I Hope you feel fully better soon!

  5. You are so right that we need to listen to ourselves and what our bodies are telling us. I hope that by listening you have managed to fight those pesky germs and they are gone now. Rest is a great healer too.

  6. Wise words to listen to your body. I hope your resting this week has worked and that you are ok with no antibiotics. Those mitts are gorgeous!

  7. Resting is very important. I hope you can kick this bug to the curb. Get well soon.

  8. Rest rest rest. Those dang viruses are so smart. Transforming all the time. Mitts are really nice!

  9. Glad you are taking care of yourself! Love the mitts and your lovely painting, too. Preschoolers seem to be little germ factories, that's for sure. Feel better soon. And lots of hugs.

  10. I have been listening to my body as well today. Yesterday I had balloon sinoplasty to open up my nasal passages - hopefully this will put an end to my miserable headaches. Today I feel tired and sore and am giving myself permission to just rest. I'm trying hard not to feel anxious about how quickly the days are passing until the wedding. I still have a wedding shawl to make and wedding favors to embroider. I've put other projects on hold for now, including Michelle's class on journaling.

    I try to avoid antibiotics as they always end up giving me thrush. Don't you love having an autoimmune disease? (Key eyeroll here) . I hope you continue to feel better, Karen, keep those hot teas and water coming! : )

  11. Love those mitts! They look so squishy and warm. Hope you feel better soon. There's been a horrible cold-like virus going around our area. It lasts forever, some days you think you might die, other days you think you're almost back to normal, some days you're so tired you think you've been roofied and other days, you'd have plenty of energy if it wasn't for the dang cough ... and it just goes on and on, week after week. Hope you don't have that.

  12. Here is to healing without more antibiotics! Listening android our bodies is hard to d but so important.

  13. So hope you are feeling better by now. Antibiotics are such a necessity but they sure do mess with all of your body not just the infection. Rest!

  14. That's great you have a lot of projects on the go. I am in between projects now so I might look for a project to do tonight its good to keep it up. I feel like my creativity is also at its peak right now this time of year I really want to stay in and create and be cozy and think haha. Hope you are feeling better! I will also try to fend off colds as it gets colder.

  15. Very wise to listen to your body is very wise. And rest is important to the healing process. Take good care and be back to 100% soon.


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