Rest and Recover

Well no sooner did I beat a cold brilliantly without any antibiotics, the universe has decided to give me yet another virus.  The best case scenario is that it's a bad cold the worst case is it's a mild flu.

I just got the flu shot October 14th so I don't think I'm completely covered by that, I don't know how that stuff works.  The reason I think it's a cold is that I had a sore throat some sneezing and a runny stuffy nose.  My flu theory is I am achy from head to toe and that is WITH tons of NSAIDS for arthritis pain.  I don't have a fever that I know of. 

I guess it doesn't matter what it is.  Let's just say I feel somewhat crappy, but better than I thought I would feel.  I'm staying home and resting.

When I was a kid, I would lounge on the living room sofa when I was home from school with whatever ailed me.  My mom wasn't doting (boo) but instead matter of fact with my litany of symptoms.  She would heat up homemade sweet iced tea from the fridge for me to sip and tell me I was fine.  It was the best tasting tea ever.  I would watch all the shows and yes, in desperation I'd watch daytime tv shows once the cartoons were over.

Nowadays I opt for Chamomile Mint tea with no sugar for sipping while sitting and knitting or reading.  I have to serve myself during the day.  Yesterday my husband picked up dinner and today I'm sure we will be doing that as well.  I'm always hungry so the cold theory is more my guess.

I'm slowly making progress on the preschooler's sweater.  The best part is the yoke knitting in my opinion.

After Inktober is over, I am going to continue some creative prompts from doodlewash.  I've been listening to his (Charlie) podcast and find him delightful.

My personal challenge this past month was to sketch in INK.  No pencil, which is hard hard hard.  However, the more I do it the more forgiving my views are of my budding artwork.  I use small watercolor palettes and try to just go with it.

Each prompt takes less than an hour.  I like the burst of creativity.

Besides a cup of tea and some chicken noodle soup, how do you fight off the viruses in life?


  1. Rest, tea, and some homeopathic pelargonium concoction called Umcka. My family practice dr. SiL recommended it, and it works for me. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I have something too, but I'm not sure what it is. Besides colds (yes, even in these temps) or the flu, it could also be one of those nasty viruses that the mosquitos spread around here (or stress related, of course, but I'd prefer a virus - easier to fight). I just take plenty of rest and try to remember to drink a lot and eat well.
    I love your drawings!

  3. I hope you feel better soon Karen. It's no fun being ill. Love your drawings! My daughter is doing Inktober too and loving it!

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon! Rest!! (have an great weekend!)

  5. It seems, you did _not_ fully beat the cold, without added help. And it has come _back_, with a vengeance. Don't you think this time, it would be wise, to seek a doctor's 'help'?

    And no, the Flu shots does not make us immune. If we do get the Flu, it is less aggressive, than if we had not gotten one.

    (Have 2 pharmacists in the family... -smile-)


    1. Ooops, not enough proofreading... That should read; ", the Flu shots _do_ not make us immune..." Wrong adverb, I think...


  6. Sleep is always my first option to fight a cold. Hope you are on the mend soon. I love your pen sketching

  7. I am really sorry to hear that you are still feeling under the weather. I do hope that you are able to fight it off soon. What do I take for viruses? Depends on what it is but we have a homemade garlic syrup which we take for some things, I use herbs which I usually brew into a tea and maybe a homeopathic remedy and sleep/rest lots of it!

  8. Aw, sorry you got hit with the flu. We haven't gotten our flu shots yet; been too busy with the season. Get well soon.

  9. Hope by now you're feeling lots better! Hugs and lots of get well and stay well wishes, too.


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