The New Normal

Hello!  How are you all doing?  Here in PA we are in the midst of a statewide shutdown of all non essential businesses.  Earlier this week my husband starting working remotely after a scramble of setting up the remote duties. 

I know that Frodo and Holly love having us home so much.  We are walking daily taking in the soft signs of spring as it emerges.  There is a faint green sheen on the bushes and some trees.  The daily walks also help manage the doom and gloom feeling of the 'new normal'.

So far my kids are safe at their places and we have tons of food even though people keep panic buying and making shelves bare.  You would think I have been super busy with knitting and creating but I am struggling to focus.  I am consuming the news too much, mostly because the news changes so quickly. 

I've made a list of what I want to get down.  I need to make an exercise routine so I quit wasting time deciding what I will do.  I'll be dusting off the yoga mat as well. 

Another resource for you:  Michelle is kindly offering a free course during these stressful times.

I hope you are safe and doing well.  After my catch up on blogs and computer tasks, I will be digging through my yarn stash to start a new project just because.

Stay safe, hand sanitize and go outside for a walk and get some fresh air!


  1. Yeah, Steve is trying to figure out how they could even manage to work remotely with this latest wave of shut-downs. Stay safe! (and YES... I want to cast on all the things too! LOL)

  2. Love all the knitwear you're wearing, your watercolor squirrel, and that sweater! Stay healthy (and turn off the news)!

  3. Walks are helping me a lot too during this time. I love the knitting project. I might just check out that free course you linked to. Have a good weekend. Stay safe and well!

  4. We always work from home, so not much has changed there. But I'm still struggling to find the balance between keeping myself informed and driving myself crazy with news reading.
    I love that squirrel! You're getting really good at drawing and painting.

  5. Oooooooooooooooooo...Elizabeth Berg. I enjoy her novels. There was only one I didn't care for. I think it was Talk Before Sleep or something like that.

    Take care ....................wash your hands. LOL

  6. My latest post....

    Gentle hugs,
    Stay safe,
    🌱 🌷 🌱

  7. I, too, love all the knits you are wearing and making. Getting outside can be such a balm - fresh air does one so much good. As for the news - TURN IT OFF!!!! I am working out every day (I have a series of exercises I do for my arms with weights, a series of leg exercises, a series of different crunches and then a little series of butt exercises - lol). I should start incorporating yoga into that. The whole thing only takes me 20 minutes or so, but I feel so good afterwards. It is still sprinkling here (I was just out cutting some fresh daffodils). I hope it clears so I can get a walk in.

  8. I am so glad that you can at least take the dogs for a walk - phew!! I have limited myself to check the news twice, maybe thrice a day, that's all. Otherwise, I'll go crazy. I will be doing Yoga as well! We made a list with things to cook (if we can get them, people are panic-buying here too) ... I want to start something new as well, but I already HAVE three things on the go, so nope! (I hope to finish the body of my sweater soon though).

    I love how your sweater is coming along! The orange is so vibrant, it's just beautiful.

    Stay safe!!

  9. I am glad to hear that your husband has been able to figure out a way to work from home and that both your children are safe. My husband is not able to work from home, he is a trainer the clients are slowly drying up. We are taking each day as it comes with our new normal.

  10. I have been amazed at the number of people in my neighborhood who are taking walks. Hubby and I did the same earlier today though we had to cross the road a couple of times to keep the social distancing. So glad that your children are safe.

  11. Your sweater is going to be lovely and that hat is great - can you tell me the pattern?

  12. I am happy you two are together enjoying time outside and knowing you are safe. I am having trouble focusing on any project at the moment. So I have been a crazy woman cleaning and organizing instead. I am trying to exhaust myself so I can sleep at night and not worry.

  13. I agree with getting outdoors a bit each day. I also know I haven't been as productive as normal - flitting from one thing to another. Your drawing and painting continues to amaze me. I have three projects and one baby hat on the needles. The sun was out today (Saturday) which helps my mood so we took a long walk. Stay safe.

  14. You two are too cute!!! we tried to build a big fire outside but everything is very very wet. More snow predicted for monday but it will be very short lived. Then a promise of 50s. If so, and my butt continues to behave...perhaps an electric assist bike ride is in my future. Your photos are wonderful. What camera do you have

  15. Great advice to get out and get some fresh air, Karen! It really does us good. I've been doing the same thing and it just brightens up life a bit. Your referring to this time as the new normal made me pause and think for a bit. It seems as though our country has been called upon to go through many new normals over the last decade or so...beginning with 9-11. Keep the faith, my friend. xx

  16. Your husband is a fox! When I knit I listen to Spotify; otherwise I get really distracted and maybe antsy.


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