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Even though it doesn't look like I've made much progress on my citron shawl, believe me it's taking longer and longer to do each row. This is pure comfort knitting for me. As I've said previously though, I cannot watch TV unless the show is 'talky-talky'.  Based on how much wool is left I might be on the last increasing section. 

I mentioned previously that I was thinking about what to make for gifts this holiday season (I know I am starting early). I was deep stash diving into my sock yarn collection and picked out colors for many of my knit worthy people. Will I do all this crazy sock knitting? I'm not sure but I'd like to think I would. 

My gray and yellow socks are a pure delight to have on the needles and this project is a TV project! My second sock is just as fun as the first sock.

What are you working on this week?


  1. I love how your Citron is looking! Beautiful! (and yay for socks!)

  2. The yellow in your socks is great, really sets them off! Citron, lovely knit.

  3. Your Citron has grown. Looks light as air. Those socks are quite eye catching. Like those colors together. What pattern are they?

  4. I love the Blueberry Waffle pattern. It makes such a comfortable sock to wear. Hope you have a good ending to the week and gets lots more knitting done.

  5. I can't wait for the magic of blocking to see the full glory of your Citron, and your socks are looking pretty darn good also!

  6. Citron looks so lacey and soft! Looking forward to seeing it finished and blocked. Love your socks. Grey & yellow are great together (I need to remember that). The socks I'm currently working on (tutti fruitty) are a Christmas gift for my SIL in CO. Next up will be some socks...or a hat...for my brother in CO.

  7. Oh that beautiful shawl...!!!!

    It is just so pretty!

    Thinking now, that it reminds of the pretty bubbles, which appear, when a gentle wave is going back out to sea. And these soft bubbles, are "left", on the sand. Yes??????

    Find Beauty
    In This Time
    Of Pain...

  8. Again, your Citron is magnificent. Having seen a rolled sock cuff I may just start a sock again! Love your gray and yellow

  9. That shawl looks like spun sugar. So beautiful and it isn't even blocked yet. I am glad you knitting is bringing you joy and peace. I finished up some scrappy leg warmers and a textured cowl. The cowl is huge and so it is either going to get ripped out or put in the gift basket. It is too big to suit me.

  10. Great progress on these projects. Grellow is so fun to look at.

  11. I love those socks Karen they are a delight. Like you have been sorting through fabric and yarn with a view to holiday gifts. It is so much fun browsing patterns. Take care and stay safe.

  12. I've got a sweater on the knitting needles and an afghan on the hook ... and just today I added a skirt and a top to sew to my WIPs. That Citron is going to be beautiful ... those subtle color changes are going to shine in that pattern. and like everyone else, I LOVE those socks!

  13. I do love those socks the contrast is wonderful. I have been working on a sock too, I am a little further on than you on my second, heading towards the toe. I am also on the sleeves of a cardigan having knitted the body in a week which is fast for me!

  14. Your shawl is going to be so gorgeous. Can't wait to see it blocked.
    I can't imagine choosing socks as the 'gift of the year.' Besides the fact they take me forever to knit, how on earth will you ever figure out everyone's measurements? I do like the design in your photo though. They look great!

  15. I am currently working on a crochet top, hope it works out. Love your beautiful shawl.


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