Moving Forward

Thank you so much for you kind words about my orange pullover.  I was tempted to wear it yesterday while a snow squall breezed through, however, my mind is on springtime and no matter how cold it is outside and no matter the snowflakes in the air, I'm moving forward to wearing lighter clothing.  The birds are singing and bushes and trees are sprouting!

How are you?

We are doing well here.  My husband is doing his best to keep on top of his work while working from home.  It seems that the work is more than usual and it's hard to turn off the day.  Weather permitting we take an afternoon walk which is the highlight of the day.  We rarely see humans as we are out and about.  I am getting used to my days and I'm successful at making Monday through Friday feel different than Saturday and Sunday.  We talk to the kids often and we try to look forward to the day when we can get together with them once again.

Do you see the second deer to the right of the standing deer in the above photo?  They just stare at me while I walk Frodo around the property, the deer are brazen and obviously not scared of us at all.  I've been keeping my eye on my dogwood trees wishing and hoping for their blossoming.  That will be wonderful! 

I've mainly been working on my citron knitting project OR the cross stitch project that was abandoned by my daughter 15 years ago?  I had to rip out her beginnings because of a mistake so all of the stitches are my own.  I have to say I'm finding the project a delight and something different to do.

Thank you all for visiting and commenting, I value our community and our being together here and at your spaces.  If you do have a blog and I am not commenting, it's because I cannot find your blog through the profile you are using.   I know some of you do not have a blog or are taking a break.

I hope you have a restful weekend!


  1. Cute picture of Frodo! Like your husband, I'm finding my work to be busier than I expected and, at times, more busy than I was when I went to work (into the office). Weird. But, then, this whole time is weird. It is chilly here, too. Blue sky this morning which is nice, but temps in the 20's. Probably not a walking or archery day for me. Hopefully this weekend. Your cross stitch is very pretty - enjoy!

  2. I do enjoy seeing your photos and reading your words; they are one more thing that is normal and peaceful, which is always a plus!

  3. Frodo looks so peaceful! Your cross stitch looks great. I've been thinking about cross stitching or embroidery a lot lately, Maybe I just need to dive into it...
    I love that bunny too!

  4. Love the picture of Frodo!!!!! -smile- Pets can be an inspiration, at such a time. They continue to "chill-out"! Showing us... _How_.

    Wishing your husband well, with his work. Such a forced learning experience. And so little time, to transition, from usual working conditions, to the New Normal. Yet, so many are having to do it.

    Your walks are so Wise. Making for a definite change, in the day's routine. Some re-charge, in/with difference, is so necessary.

    And you are doing a valuable part, in making week days feel separate from weekend days!!!!!!

    That citron knitting project looks soooooooo pretty! Soft and "fluffy" and delightful...!

    Oh mercy yes!!!!!!!!! Our wonderful, wonderful Pretty Blog Land Community. What a comfort it is...!!!!!!!

    I know I "fell off the Pretty bandwagon Part," with my post yesterday. I know. But I really, really needed to say that. Or maybe _explode!!!!!_ And keeping from Self Exploding, is a needed part, of Pretty Blog Land, at this terrible time, toooooo. Or so, I sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! -grin-

    But I am back on track again!!!!!!!!! With bits and pieces of this and that. My 'forever way' of blogging!!!!

    Stay Safe!
    Keep our eyes on Nature!
    It is always soothing!

  5. Awwwwwwwww...your bunny painting is so sweet.

  6. I am surprised, Frodo doesn't bark and scare the deer away. Or maybe they are well aware of the fact, his leash keeps him away from them. Your Citron Shawl looks quite fluffy and squishy. What a lovely treasure to discover.......a 15 year old cross stitch! Kind of nice to have a different craft to work on. The bunny painting is precious.

  7. Hi. Glad things are going well. I love the pictures of the deep in your yard. Animals do come out more, when humans stay inside. I love you crafts and your painting. You are so very talented. Have a great weekend.

  8. Love how you're craftily busy.

  9. ...what a sweet pup...I love your bunny watercolor...we have plans to watch watership down this evening...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  10. Your days sound wonderful Karen, gently bobbing along filled with lovely projects that give you such joy. I love to come here and read about what you have been up to.

  11. The "new rhythm" to the days is starting to feel comfortable, so I am thankful for that. But my heart aches at the numbers that are ever increasing - it feels like we should be a nation that is mourning and I hope we will when this is all behind us.

  12. Frodo looks very relaxed. I too am trying to make the weekends somewhat different. I wish the weather would cooperate. I like your wispy knitting and that cross-stitch. The blues are very calming.

  13. Frodo you and my Mickey would make a great pair sleeping away the day. Adorable. My days are starting to merge I must try harder to separate weekdays from the weekend. Although Sunday is always defined by listening to our local Church service and of course Sunday roast. Love your projects, your water colour is a delight such great progress. Take care and stay safe.

  14. Holly looks a lot like Frodo ... except with shorter ears ;-) I am finding a rhythm to the weekend thanks to a standing Saturday morning FaceTime that I've had for years with a friend in Philadelphia, Saturday night snacks and church on Sunday (even if it is on YouTube). Those rhythms help. Glad y'all are staying safe and well.

  15. Frodo looks happy at home. I continue to enjoy coming to read your gentle words. I agree that the highlight of the day is getting outdoors for a walk. We had a gloriously warm day today after 4.5 inches of snow on Thursday. With 70 degrees today, it is all gone. My kind of April snow. The bunny is very sweet.

  16. I hope you have a wonderful week full of peace and knitting. Stay well.

  17. It is a challenge to make weekends be different from weekdays. The thing I miss most is the BARN and volunteering!


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