Daisy Days

This morning I'm sitting at my kitchen table before 7:30 a.m. watching the sunlight beam through the trees.  I'm delighted to report that the heat and humidity is gone.  Tuesday and Wednesday were a bit 'steamy' for me.  My husband was delighted, he loves summer - the hotter the better.  Oh hey - some good news!  My husband is retiring effective mid-August.

The massive amounts of paperwork and busy work was sobering but we are down to one more phone call and one more form.  Thank goodness.  I lost two solid days to paperwork and two hour phone calls.  Sadly my knitting and reading and having fun were minimal this week.

We have no big plans in retirement except to see our kids.  I'm sure we will be planning something sometime somewhere.  I have to confess, I'm used to the 'staycation' frame of mind and could easily keep this up.  

We only walked twice this week due to the weather and schedules.  The daisies are out and about!  Any day now the day lilies will be blooming.  I also heard the tree frogs for the first time during the day, what a welcomed sound. 

I reached the sleeves of my sweater (yay!) and now I balance out the three skeins between the two sleeves.  I'm cautiously optimistic with how far I got with one skein.  

I continue to dabble in watercolor spending more time thinking about it instead of actually doing it.  This is part of my creative process though.  The thinking and thinking and mulling leads to creative habit eventually for me.  I take comfort knowing my 'process'.

Miss Holly has been patrolling the side window every morning while I drink my coffee.  She loves to watch the birds.  I love to watch her watching the birds.  She is a very content cat purring away.  When we impulsively kept her 2 1/2 years ago, that was one of the best crazy decisions we ever made.


  1. Oh yay! Congratulations to your husband. I'm not quite there yet...but soon (I hope). I love your watercolor bird - very, very pretty. This morning is bright and sunny and, like you, the humidity seems to have vanished. It was pretty unbearable earlier this week.. Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Lovely watercolour. How exciting to have lots of new retirement plans to make. Although I do agree with you on the staycation idea; I am quite happy at home as well. I would prefer to do day trips or overnight than go on long trips. Glad it has cooled down. I don't like the heat either.

  3. I know exactly how you feel about your "impulse" cat. I have, not for one second, regretted taking Giroux in.

    I really, REALLY wanted a ginger cat. I got a tabby and he is just perfect for us. Just like Holly is perfect for you. I'm glad you kept her.

  4. Congrats on the retirement thing!!! Another life milestone!!
    I can't believe your daisies are blooming...mine are still in bud and I'm way way way south of you. Go figure!!!
    Your watercolor artistry is amazing!!! Isn't it funny the way our artistic ventures take twists and turns...with knitting always in the mix! Have a good weekend.

  5. You all are talking like you chose your cats. Heh heh,

  6. How exciting for your husband! Love your birdy watercolor.

  7. Very excited for you and your husband. In my opinion, people retire too late to enjoy it~
    All we want to do is visit our kids too. I can't say that both my children are that thrilled. Zach would love another visit. Al, seems content to see us a few days here and there. Hubby and I are working on this. Perhaps if she marries and has children the need or wish to see us more will change. She texts, she calls, but she is 17 hours drive away! too far

  8. That is great that your husband is retiring. I might have posted on my blog, that my husband also retired for good at the end of the school. He decided not to go to the classroom with COVID, especially since rates and deaths are increasing a lot here. I have 6-7 more years before I retire again. I retired once from Arizona and my goal is also to retire (and get a pension) from Utah. Hope I can go the distance. I love your kitty. We are cat people and had several in our lives but we don't have one now. I would like to get another one someday. Have a good weekend.

  9. Retirement is a big decision, sounds like it is a lot of work too but I am sure that it will be worth it when it is all done. I too am loving the stay-cation aspect of this time and am biding my time before emerging back into the world. I hope you have a weekend filled with knitting, reading and having fun!

  10. Congratulations on the retirement. Both Gerard and I took early retirement and took the plunge to move to our little cottage on an Island. We haven't looked back and apart from not seeing as much of the family we have a wonderful life together. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Congrats on the retirement, it will be so nice for both of you. Your days sound wonderful, so calm and lovely. Stay well.

  12. Hooray for retirement! I am with Kathy - retire while you can enjoy it. My daisies are almost done blooming. I looked out this morning and noticed they begin to have that not quite crisp white look. The lily buds are almost ready to pop open. June has been very warm so the flowers bloom early. I love love the bird you watercolored. I enjoy seeing your painting. Here's to a new week for more time for the creative.


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