Last night the rain finally came although the amount wasn't nearly enough to make a substantial rise in the lower than usual pool level.  This week's forecast is for more chances of rain.  For the first time I heard the tree frogs last evening that live in the woods, truly a late sign of summer. The cicadas were late to sing this year as well but they are doing their thing sweetly harmonizing with the tree frogs.  Any day now the acorns should be falling.  Fingers crossed!

I fell down two delightful rabbit holes yesterday.  First I looked for a watercolor book that was printed in 2002 and I wanted to own a copy after an eager flip through of a library copy.  The internet is my tether to the world, I socialize, shop and consume news while I stay home as much as possible.  The challenge is to balance all of them.

The other rabbit hole was looking for a state park or state forest where we could meet our daughter and son in law for a socially distant hike/walk and share a packed picnic during the week and not on a weekend.  Of course this would be after the heat and humidity subside, I'm not crazy.  

The reason I want it to be a PA state park is that I know for a fact that the facilities are opened (bathrooms are a necessity).  County and local towns might not have their sites updated for covid information and I would be stressed out if the bathrooms were closed.  It's a state of mind - if they are there and opened you'll never need one.  If they are closed, well you'll be searching for one!

I've found a few places that we could meet.  Just thinking and planning for something in the future was a beautiful way to spend the day.  Just like Christmas Day, the planning and the anticipation is always better and oh the daydreaming!!  Maybe September?  

Speaking of daydreaming, I am nearing the end of the gradient shawl knitting.  I keep thinking about what to work on next (probably the wedding shawl that is waiting for me).  I will be thrilled to be finished with this project.

Our black-eyed susans had to be moved when they rejiggered the retaining wall and moved the fence.  Even though these plants were stressed by the move they stilled blossomed.  I am thankful, they might be my favorite flower.

In one week we have too much zucchini and tomatoes!  What a delightful problem to have.  

I have a daily planner where I record what I've accomplished (or where I wasted time...) and on the side bar of 'tasks' I've been writing down quotes.  Sometimes I stumble upon them and sometimes I search for them - either way they are a breath of fresh air to stale thinking.


  1. Sometimes I wonder how we managed to travel or do anything without the internet! I still remember a friend's father discounting it as "just a fad". I think everyone who grows them always has too many tomatoes and zucchini, but that is better than not having any. I wonder if your vegetables are fenced in? I can't believe they haven't been eaten by deer, squirrels, raccoons, and every other form of wildlife!

  2. I like your quotes!! I used to keep a notebook of them, but I have no idea where that is now. Your shawl is so pretty. It hs been so hot and humid and since I've been on the antibiotic for Lyme I have not gone out to walk. I really miss that. The antibiotic is finished, so I'm hoping the temps moderate a bit and I can get out. Planning a fall hiking day with a picnic sounds like a fun diversion!

  3. We had a lot of rain overnight and our community pool water level was high! It is nice to have something to look forward to!

  4. hoping you can find that perfect meet up spot....I know you're missing Rachel!! Anticipation I'm finding is much of how I function....I had to sign up for a big online photography retreat yesterday (a two week affair when shooting time is factored in!!!) and I'm a much happier camper having something to look forward to!!!
    And what are you doing with all your squash?!!! I've had quite the crop this year. Neighbors run when they see me with a bag.

  5. Hi Karen,
    ...glad to hear you're bearing up well...the internet is definitely my friend too...and FaceTime...seems like we'd really be lost without it...but it's so comforting to come to the same blogs each day and find things to be pretty normal...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. I don't know how near you are to the PA Grand Canyon, but my pastor was there hiking/camping with her family the beginning of this month. She said it was wonderful and there were few people there!

  7. I just picked up that same Amor Towles book. I found it at the little free library. I have his other book, A Gentleman in Moscow too.

    State Parks ----- bathroom availability seems to run park by park. Not all facilities are open. We found that out the HARD WAY last weekend. You may want to call ahead. Yes, they are supposed to be open, but the bathrooms at the park we went to was locked up tight. The porta-potties along the trail were overflowing. YUCK!

    Love the Wooden quote. The other one is good too and probably true now more than ever.

  8. I have the same problem but enjoying the solution and its lovely knowing that I have the taste of Summer in the freezer.

  9. Our parks were opened for a bit but have closed up again because people could not follow the rules. That no bathroom thing is tricky. Now about those rabbit holes. I have signed off Instagram this month because I am spending too much time in those holes. I will still read blogs because I feel a connection there.

  10. I have to say that the Internet is a blessing during the pandemic. I am not a big screen-time person, I don't much like Facebook, but Zooming and shopping for books and craft supplies are keeping me safe!
    Facilities certainly are essential to those of us of a certain age! We did have to stop at a gas station on the way home from Door County. We just took care to be as quick as possible!

  11. I am hoping hoping hoping for lots of vegetables for my food pantry. SO far pickings are slim. Them container tomatoes are few in number but they are supposed to keep going. I m counting on my zucchini and acorn squash to save the day. Maybe things will turn around for my harvest in a week too, Love your quotes.

  12. Really like that ombre yarn you're knitting with. Yeah, I'd be stressed out too if there were no bathrooms open. I'm leary of using public ones though with this virus around.

  13. Your shawl is looking lovely and your days sound like they are lovely too, working at their own pace and just enjoying summer. Stay safe.

  14. A lovely post Karen. It was wonderful to sit and daydream with you. I love the sound of your plans, that is the sort of planning I would do too, glad to hear of a similar soul.

  15. Meeting at a State Park is a great idea. I hope you find something suitable. And uh - at this age a restroom is a must. And yes - the internet is a lifesaver.


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