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Butterflies are abundant in my backyard!  I've seen monarchs and swallowtails on the butterfly bush. My challenge is having a camera on hand when they are around.  How have you been?  Are you loving the summer days?  Or are you like me waiting patiently for the heat to abate and some cool breezes to waft slowly in?  I truly try my very best to enjoy what I like about summer even though deep down it's my least favorite season.

I love:  - the cicadas and the tree frogs singing in harmony - sitting outside with my husband in the shade chitchatting -  dangling my feet in the pool - big salads and easy dinners to grill - all the flowers - butterflies and bees enjoying my blossoms - witnessing the changing landscape as early/mid/late summer evolve eagerly awaiting soft signs of fall

Today is my husband's last day of work and then he is officially retired.  I was teasing him this morning on what will fill his mind and his days.  His work has been stressful for the last few years and his duties have increased.  I'm looking forward to a stress free husband!  He likes making music with his various instruments and he loves to create art from pastels and charcoal.  There are a pile of books he wants to read and he talks about his bikes and upgrading them for various reasons.

I've been reading a lot and knitting some this week.  Luckily my knitting has been easy and relaxing.  How nice to not have to fix any mistakes. I've had romantic visions of finishing Middlemarch the longest book ever.  I am 90% done based on the Kindle estimate,  so the end is near.

The socks in the above photo are for my daughter for Christmas.  She loves reds and this color-way is perfect for her.  I picked up this skein in London Ontario back when I could travel.  Since then the store went out of business.  Hopefully I'll be making a project page for these socks soon.


  1. Congratulations to your husband on his retirement, and I hope you both enjoy it!

  2. congrats to hubby!!! good days ahead for sure!!!
    you are far more generous with summer than I am...i do enjoy the croaking frogs late at night when Shira and I go out (when I can GET her to go out!!!) but otherwise, I struggle. I keep thinking if it wasn't for the mosquitoes I might be able to tolerate it....but the heat is oppressive to me, I sweat (no glow for me!!!), and I simply hate it. sigh. We're over the hump....but expecting another 90+ degree day with the humidity so high, it's like walking through a fine mist. OK. No more complaints!!! I can make it another couple months!!!

  3. Congrats to your hubby! sounds like he has plenty to keep him occupied - all fun/good things. Today is a bit cooler and I am thoroughly enjoying!!

  4. Congratulations to your husband on his retirement. Enjoy your together time. Summer is still going strong here in Arizona. Another 115 plus day and no end in sight. Trying to look on the bright side of this year's summer is a bit rough since there has been zero rain. Lawns are turning brown, trees are drooping and flowers have long since quit blooming. We are even watering our drought resistant plants. But, our pool is a blessing as I can do my exercises in it. The other bright side is no one want to go out in the heat so grocery shopping is a breeze for me. This will all pass by the end of October. Then there will be outdoor time each day with dog walks.

  5. Hi Karen,
    ...I'm "trying" to savour summer...August here is very hot and very very it makes getting outside difficult...but I'm definitely looking forward to September and cooler/drier weather...but we won't be wearing sweaters here til later than that...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. It sounds like your husband will have no problem filling his time! I've got 10 months to go until retirement!
    Middlemarch is my all-time favorite book. I reread it a few years ago and found it to be surprisingly modern.
    We have been having perfect weather: highs around 80, lots of sun, not much rain. As a result, I am not getting as much work done as I'd like !

  7. Enjoy your weekend and the first few days of your husband's retirement. Love those socks!

  8. So great that your husband has been able to retire. As you probably know, my teacher husband decided not to go back for the new school year, so he is now retired too. Wish I could be home with him, but I have a few years to go. I love the socks and the colors of the yarn. I also love that you have an abundance of butterflies in your backyard. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Congrats to your husband. It is good he has so many interests which will help him to occupy his days. You week sounds wonderful, enjoy your weekend and that sock knitting. Stay safe.

  10. A huge congratulations to your husband. I know he will love retirement. Steve has been retired for four years now. While he misses some of his work "friends", I know he does not miss the work.

    Summer isn't my favorite season either, but I'm trying really HARD not to wish away the days. I know I'll be tired of being inside when the really cold/grey/wet winter days hit (especially when we probably won't be going to the mall to walk around *just to get out of the house*.)

  11. The colorway for your daughter's socks is perfect. She will love them. Like you and Dee and a few others, summer isn't my favorite season. I am trying hard to savor the things I like best about summer and not make the days go by too quickly. I predict a long winter of being cooped up and socially distanced. Still we are safe and healthy and I am mighty grateful. Best wishes for a happy stress free retirement.

  12. as we say in the world of retirement when folks ask? what will you do all day?
    "nothing, but that doesnt start till noon" He will fill his days for sure. Summer is my favorite season and we have had such beautiful weather. I never imagined I'd paddle board so much or cycle. I guess without volunteering at the barn, we have had no trouble filling our time. Your dog is adorbs

  13. I'm sure your husband will find lots to fill his free time and no doubt you'll have a list for him around the house, LOL.

  14. I am a bit late reading this so I do hope your husbands last day at work went well. I hope you get many years to enjoy together, now he is retired.

    I love the colours in the sock yarn, wonderful! And a garden full of butterflies is wonderful too xx

  15. Do you ever log in your Monarch sightings on Journey North? It is a sight that collects data from citizen scientists on many migratory animals in North America.


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