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Good morning!  My knitting this week has been fantastic. I've been working on a new project, a baby blanket, for my daughter's sister in law who lives in California. The colors in this blanket are soothing to look at and I am enjoying the cotton yarn from deep deep stash.

My sweater, gosh I do love it and can't wait to wear it!  I will have to block the daylights out of it to get some extra room though.  (this is what happens when you skip gauge....) I am a bit sad that the color work section of the pattern is over but I am knitting super fast on the plain old stockinette!

What are you working on this week?


  1. Pretty color on the baby blanket. Looks soft and squishy too.

    Since the coloring was such a joy, why not add it to the bottom of the sleeves when you do them? That sweater is just stunning.

    I am working on my cardigan....still. will be trying it on today to see how much more length to go before doing the bottom garter rows.

  2. That was the first word I thought of when I saw your new baby blanket project. It is such a lovely, restful color.

  3. Such pretty projects. That cotton baby blanket looks just right for a California baby. I love it when we can pull yarn from deep stash.

  4. WE are so different. I'd be breathing again and loving the straight stockinette! Its a brilliant sweater. Following with an easy baby blanket seems a really smart thing to do!

  5. Such pretty colors in the baby blanket - very soothing. I love your sweater!! I am trying to knit some shortie socks for Mailing for Christmas...not sure they will be done in time. I keep getting distracted with baking and work!

  6. Love the pattern on the sweater, it is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing you wear it.

  7. Wonderful progress on your jumper.


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