Winter Delights


I know some of you are wishing for spring, my husband is wishing for summer! I, on the other hand, am in my winter glory. I love everything about winter. I sleep better, knit better and enjoy the days fully. Soon enough I will be yearning for some light jacket wearing but for now I am in my element. 

The above photo is my art journal spread. I try to create one a week and then journal. The journalling is private but the layout is not. I used Tombow markers to create the dark gray background then used a white pen. 

Yesterday I had three inches cut off the length of my hair. It was a long time coming. I kept the length for the wedding updo. Shoulder length is the best length for my hair and I am loving the cut. The sun was out and I almost was grumpy from the squinting. I caught myself and stopped the grump. Sunshine is limited in the winter! On the way home, I drove in silence just enjoying the light playing on the hills, trees and roadside buildings.

I managed to pull out the notebook and paints this week and created a doodle. I need more of this in my life.

I am nearing the end of this shawl, the romantic hopeful thinker in me wishes this will be done over the weekend but the skeptic in me thinks that might be a little far reaching. I work on this in the evenings while watching TV.

My winter delights besides what's listed in my journalling photo: Frodo snuggles beside me - hot soup! - movie marathons -  winter boots - woolen mitts, scarves, cowls, shawls, sweaters etc... - deer prints in the snow - days getting longer - brilliant sunrises.

What are your winter delights? If you yearn for summer or are IN summer then list your summer delights.

Thank you for visiting this space and commenting. For all the silent readers thank you for visiting as well.


  1. Fall is my favorite season. Winter would be my SECOND favorite season. Tea .....definitely tea for winter. I get absolutely glued to the window when it is snowing. I love watching the flakes change from icy bits to the big, fat flakes.

    Socks .................socks are definitely a winter pleasure. When you feet are so cold from the tile floor after a shower and you slip on the socks. Ahhhhhhhhhhh...wooly warmth for the win.

    Food ...............I love soup, stew, chili ............all those wonderful winter meals that are even BETTER the second day.

  2. I love your creativity. I journal as well, but not as creatively as you. Your hair looks great. I also enjoy winter. After living in the Arizona desert for so many years, a change of seasons and a real winter is something I enjoy. Have a good weekend!

  3. I love having four seasons. Fall is my favorite, but I would not like to live somewhere with no change in the weather. I like your journal page listing delights - it's good to remember there are happy things even when you are freezing!! I'm envious that you got a haircut. I need one desperately and have decided that many inches will come off my mane (it is almost to my waist!!). Time to lighten up. I just need to find a salon.

  4. Your hair looks great Karen, love the cut. You look fantastic! Your journal, art and knitting are all beautiful. I'm so glad you are enjoying the winter. My very favorite thing in winter are delicious hot soups and broths. My favorite season is spring but I'm enjoying the oddly chilly weather we've had in Florida this year. Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Living in an area where winter only lasts for 2 months, I adore winter. Cold dark mornings are a delight. I relish them knowing hot sunny days will be upon us too quickly, lasting 8 months.

  6. Sitting by the stove and watching the flickering flames. Hot tea with buttered crumpets or toasted teacakes. Soups and stews warming on the stove, are some of my favourites things about Winter.

  7. I happen to like all the seasons. I appreciate each one. In winter I like hot soup, snow, snuggling under an afghan and more. Your haircut looks good. I like your doodle and your journal. I hope you finish that gorgeous shawl soon.

  8. I too love winter. There is something inspiring about the hushed quiet... it encourages introspection! Have a good weekend!

  9. I grew up in WI and was so happy to leave harsh winters behind. Here (WA) we are happy for a respite from the rain, even a tiny bit of sunshine, because all that rain makes for a beautiful spring, definitely my favorite time of year. BTW, your shawl looks pretty; what pattern are you using?

  10. Autumn is my favorite season with winter a close second. My winter delights include wool sweaters, hot tea, soup, vivid sunsets, and walking when I can see nests in the trees. Your hair looks darling. I bet it feels good to get a trim. My hairdresser of years retired - oy.

  11. Hi Karen,
    ...your knitting is beautiful...and so is your journal...and so is your hair...I think I'm actually going to donate more time...I wasn't going to...there's quite a bit of grey now...haha...and I'm not a fan of long grey hair (it's fine for some people...just not for me)...but then with Covid and not going anywhere...I'm about halfway to 12 inches so I'll just leave it til next year...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  12. I am a Summer Lover. Then Autumn . I like winter, but I don't love it. I like the 4:30 sunsets though. Then I really hunker down and knit.Spring is my toughest ., but it is better in Lake Geneva.. In Chicago are there was almost no spring The winds blowing down the big Lake Michigan meant a good 20 degrees lower than the towns not as near the lake. The hospital I worked at was a block from the Lake and our home just 7 miles. WE froze until June and then BAM hot humid summer. But here, we hear the frogs , we get warm days , even some porch time!!!!

  13. I bet your hair feels good. I like my shorter length but I've had short hair since I had become a mom. I'd like to grow it out more again but with layers b/c I can't air dry my hair and it is a fat pain to blow dry with a round brush every day. I looked at those drying volumizers but was worried my fine hair would get really damaged.
    I saw this neat trick on IG yesterday by a journaler. She dotted/wiped what looked like highlighter colors on some kind of plastic and then imprinted the wetness onto her journal page. Then she wrote over it in probably a white pen.


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