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What a glorious week! This photo was taken earlier in the week and all of that beautiful snow in the background is gone. We still have snow in parts of the yard but it's shrinking so fast. Yesterday I wore a spring jacket, I wrote it down as a gratitude. I felt light and free. Today will be a nice day as well and then we go back to cold but not that cold. I love March and how the emergence of springtime begins.

Can you believe we change the clocks this weekend? Golly, time is a flying by so quickly.

On Monday I received my second vaccine dose and for that I am extremely grateful. I'm on a medicine that lowers my immune system and so I qualified. I was so not well all through the night and most of Tuesday. I had most of the side effects - nausea - fever - chills - aches and pains. By Tuesday evening I felt a bit more like myself. Even though I was miserable, I was very very grateful to be miserable.

From all of the intense shivering my lower back pain acted up and I had to deal with pesky sciatica off and on for 48 hours. Fingers crossed that is over and done with! After I post, this I'll be back to exercising maintaining my core strength which avoids chronic back problems in the long run for me.

I'll be honest and say that I barely knit or created much of anything this week. When the weather is nice I want to be outside soaking up a bit of sun. 

Frodo had a much needed grooming appointment. He was looking more and more like a poodle than a schnauzer. I'm happy to report he looks like his old self (and he smells heavenly).

not much knitting on the hat but some

I hope you have a great weekend and get outside if the weather permits. Thanks for visiting and reading!  


  1. Congratulations on being fully immunized! I'm sorry you didn't feel well, but that was a sign that your immune system was working. Even though we're getting back to more seasonal temps, spring is still on its way!

  2. I am so glad you are fully immunized... I have been worried about you, so I can cross this off my list! Have a glorious weekend my friend!

  3. Sorry you had all the side effects, but the biggest side effect hopefully is that you are now protected from the worst of the virus. Glad you were able to get your second shot. I get mine on Tuesday. :::fingers crossed:::

    I've been enjoying the beautiful weather too and like you, not much knitting has happened.

  4. I'm so glad to hear you have completed the vaccine and are through the worst and feeling better. Enjoy your beautiful weather and have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Oh yay for being fully vaccinated. We are still registered and still waiting, but it is so encouraging to hear of others receiving the shots. Wishing you a glorious weekend - the kids will be over for dinner tomorrow and even though it will be chillier, we are planning an outside fire!

  6. I'm so happy you qualified. Cheers to a restful and happy weekend.

  7. So glad you got your second Covid vaccine. I also felt pretty rough for about 36 hours after my second shot, and like you, I was very grateful to feel that way. Frodo looks dapper and ready for spring. So glad you have had some sunny weather. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I know that second shot relief feeling...and glad the side effects are behind you!!!! enjoy being outside...my yard needs so much attention, I've been sort of like Lemu the emu and trying my best to ignore the situation, but that's not getting me anywhere!!!! This week...maybe!!!

  9. Sorry about the side affects but you got your second shot which is just amazing! Happy Spring, enjoy your sunshine and knitting and your darling groomed boy. Stay safe.

  10. Frodo looks so handsome! I love how Bo smells when he comes back from the groomer. : ). The weather here has been lovely as well and I got a lot done in my little front garden today. It feels so good to see the daffodil sprouts peeking up! I'm working on a particularly tricky stitch in my pattern, a K3yot. It's lovely but hard to manuever! I'm keeping with it, however, even if it means this poncho doesn't get finished until I'm in my 70s, LOL!

  11. I am glad you received your second vaccine and I do hope the side effects are behind you. It seems to be that second shot that causes short-lived misery for most. Ours is scheduled for the 26th and like you I will be ever so grateful to be miserable. I am really loving the ups and downs of March this year. Perhaps for the variety it brings to my life. I have noticed more and more signs of Spring.

  12. yay for your second shot! I love your sweater, and Frodo looking so handsome :-) (my) Holly has a grooming appointment this week (her first since she started feeling bad ... and now she's better) and I'm so excited for her! (kind of like I'm excited to get a post-vax pedicure ?!)


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