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Good morning! How is everyone? I've been chipping away at setting up my new studio/office and it's quite the challenge. Even though I decluttered like mad, I have too much stuff. It's funny, our new home is slightly bigger in square footage BUT we've downsized considerably because of storage space. The closets are so small which isn't a bad thing.

My decluttering journey has not ended but begun. I am determined to thin out what I own regularly. I've saved tons of cards, programs and other memorable events for years for the kids growing up and for myself. I stuffed them in shoeboxes. My Big Plan is to go through them and toss what isn't necessary and maybe scrapbook or capture significant events or achievements. Ideally I want to be down to one box per person - the size of the box is to be determined.

I also have some of my mother's memorabilia that needs attention.

We are nearly done with unpacking. My jobs are done - I have a few boxes here and there but I'm pleased with my progress. My studio is nice, I had a problem with winding yarn but solved it by setting my chair on it's side. I felt quite clever with that solution. I also have a major light deficiency in that this studio is dark most of the time because it doesn't get direct light. I want to buy a floor lamp and possibly some twinkle lights to brighten the space. 

If you noticed in the first photo I had the desk all set up with lots of pencils but then I saw Holly sitting there looking out the window and thought she would like a basket to lie in. I gave up precious real estate space and she immediately took a nap. Isn't she the cutest?

In other news, I did like my new RA doctor. She is running more tests to possibly re-diagnose me which is fine with me, I don't think a new diagnosis changes my treatment plan but who knows. I also obtained some meds to help with the flare (yay!). I already feel so much better!

Do you have a system to keep photos or other ephemera from life events? 


  1. Your studio does look lovely (especially with Holly's basket), and your backyard looks like a wonderful spot to knit, and hopefully see a few hummingbirds!

    I don't have a good system for photos and other paper memories. I've tried the one box/person thing, but so far the kids each have two, and they are big cardboard file boxes.

  2. I was just talking with a friend about photo and memorabilia storage. I don’t have a system but I am definitely learning how to release some of the stuff. The setting up stage for a new studio can take some work but how wonderful that you can now wind yarn!

  3. Oh gosh - Holly looks adorable in her basket. And the view looks nice. A floor lamp and twinkle lights sound good to me - would be so pretty. I am lucky in that my SIL is very into genealogy, so with the passing of my parents, she took all the photo albums, journals, etc. Lots of things out of my house. We have boxes and boxes and boxes of photos from when Colin was little - I was never good at setting up albums. Not sure what to do with them all now. Not sure he is interested (everything for him is digital these days), but he has taken some old family photos, so maybe....

  4. There is nothing cuter than a Holly in a basket! She IS adorable. Glad the basket was to her taste!

    I do not keep photos. All of our memorabilia went to live with our son a few years ago. He is not the keeper of the BOX. I keep a few photos on my computer, but not many.

    Guess I'm just not very sentimental.

  5. I gathered all photos and memorabilia of each child and mailed/gave it to them. It is now their responsibility to decide if they keep it or throw it. But it is out of my house. I am now dealing with the collectibles I have from my moms house. It has been 7 years and I need to decide what to do with them. one collects them in the Southwest.

    You were so ingenious on setting up your yarn winding station. And Holly's new "bed" is perfect. She looks quite content there.

    What a gorgeous backyard. A perfect knitting spot.

  6. Kitty is so sweet. A tisket and tasket a kitty in a basket.
    I kept very few things my kids made in art. I"ve taken them out a few times to show them both; neither cares much. I may wait to show a gran someday, but they are near the toss box. I have put many things on Facebook Market. Most recent: fishing baits from the 40s and 50s. And yesterday I gave away the working but not doing a good job, mower. Giving things away is fun too

  7. Photos for me are in many, many photo albums and in boxes....sigh. I keep kids memorabilia in a box for each of them. I recently started purging some of the items which caused my husband to tell me to stop. I had my kids look at some of it with me and sometimes the statement was "Why are you keeping this? I don't even remember it." If neither of us cared about it, the item was discarded. Your studio looks great.

  8. Oh my - I love your studio/office. What a great space! Holly in her basket makes such a great addition. I have many, many photo albums and boxes with scrapbooks and things I saved for each child. I need to pare it down considerably but I do get very sentimental. I used to take and print tons of pictures, but now they are just fading in photo albums. I do print off my blog posts from each year and I will probably do some kind of Snapfish photo books for our trips this summer, but other than that, I no longer print pictures. Both hubby and I have LOTS of books, which we love, but I have been going through my "to read" shelves a bit and asking myself if I really want to read that book. I have also been going through my closet a bit this summer. Do I really need THREE black skirts?? I think not. Now, to get everything packed up and donated. I really do love your new space and hope you and your husband are very, very happy in your new location for many years to come.

  9. I love the peek at your studio. It looks wonderfully organized and inviting to me. I gave all my daughter's scrapbooks, baby book and baby photo albums to her along with her gymnastics medals and competition leotards. I have two plastic totes of my son's things. His home is considerably smaller with very little storage space so for now they live in our basement. I have some photo albums but long ago organized photos in photo boxes (by date.) Eight of them are stored on a closet shelf. I found it so much easier to retrieve a photo from those boxes and nobody looks at the photo albums. Stuff does accumulate. I am glad you are feeling settled.

  10. I love your space, it must feel so wonderful to have it all organized. So glad you like your new doctor, hope she helps.

  11. The decluttering is never ending isn't it. I've cleared so much stuff and the furniture that housed it too. After downsizing, I too need to carry on decluttering, as I have no desire to take care of unwanted possessions.
    I'm glad you're getting sound health advice, it makes all the difference to be heard.
    Your 'settling in' blogs are a much need inspiration at the moment. Thank you. Cx

  12. Your cat looks so comfortable! :) It's nice you are enjoying decluttering and moving things around in your new space :) We have a big storage box all the special pieces go in from the kids - we definitely need to work on decluttering though as it's overflowing already and the eldest is only 7 haha

    Hope you are having a nice weekend :) We enjoyed the summer temps today, even though it's winter!

    Away From The Blue

  13. what a lovely studio space ... and that Holly looks perfectly at home.

  14. Holly does look just adorable in her new spot! I am glad you are getting settled!

  15. How lovely to have studio space!


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