Easy Folded Poncho


I never thought that this poncho would be finished after knitting what seemed like miles of stockinette stitch which I wanted to do and then after 12 inches wondered what was in my mind. However this turned out so beautiful!

Of course I was having camera issues. My SD card would not unlock and I had to find a different one to use. Then on my Mac the image resizer program that I've used faithfully for years quit working and I had to find another app to replace it. So I'm not sure why the photos are a teeny bit blurry (could have been me and my excitement in photographing...).

I'm also trying to figure out where is the best place for photographing at this house. So much to learn! This poncho is for my daughter in law for her birthday and I am sure she will love it since she picked the pattern and the wool. 

This finished project makes so much more mental room for my upcoming Christmas knitting projects.

Ravelry notes


  1. Blurry or not, that is a lovely poncho, and a true labor of love for your DiL with miles of black stockinette! She will be thrilled!

  2. What a lovely piece. The fabric has such a lively drape to it. That is a lot of stockinette to do. Your DIL will be thrilled when she receives it.

  3. I love the drap as well! What a lot of work!!!

  4. What a beautiful garment! I love the drape and the way it appears "gauzy" in some of the photos. Your daughter-in-law will simply love it!! Wonderful finish Karen.

  5. Such a beautiful make, made with love for your daughter in law nothing beats it. Hope your flare up has settled and so glad that you like your new doctor. I must admit I have never come across Sjogren's Syndrome before. Take care.

  6. Hi Karen,
    ...WOW!!!...your poncho turned out gorgeously...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  7. It is a great gift. You must have b1ocked it? Your stitches are so even. Happy new cast on

  8. That looks like it will be a very comfortable poncho to wear and pretty too.

  9. What a beautiful poncho. I can see how it would become quite repetitive though. Sometimes a good thing, sometime annoying. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas knitting projects.

  10. That pattern is a classic. It is a lovely gift.

  11. Lovely! May your daughter-in-law wear it in good health!


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