Right now I'm sitting in the kitchen before dawn writing this post. I've been reading many books at the same time about mindfulness and taking notes. My sister and I are reading together Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Since October, I've been reading and learning about being mindful in my everyday movements and meditating daily. I'm learning I have a lot to learn. 

My husband and I were discussing that this new house does not feel like home ... yet. We feel like we are on an extended vacation. He thinks it's because we eat lunch on the patio daily weather permitting and that's something we would do on vacation. I think it's like a condo rental with all of my 'stuff' in it. When I go to cook it's weird trying to remember where everything is, just like vacation. Yesterday the electrician was here updating the original electrical panel (eep!) and the electricity was turned off for five hours. That then felt like we were at camp. We are happy here and I guess that homey feeling will follow.

I did start a daily haiku and it seems many of you are doing the same. I agree with you that September is such a glorious transitional month to witness saying goodbye to summer and hello to the early beginnings of fall.

My knitting is still at a lull and I'm just going with it. I continue to work on the poncho and believe I'm close to being done. I'm enjoying the dream state of what I would like to work on and have a running list of casting on ideas. Cooler weather will help with the impending knitting frenzy.

I've been reading lots and lots about heart healthy diets, menu plans and deciding what needs to go and what needs to be incorporated. I do love learning! Also I'm plotting out how to get in more walking and exploring the area's parks. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. A hummingbird! Suddenly we are seeing them here after not seeing them all summer. Weird. We have a cooler morning on ohand (in the 50's!) and I'm loving it. We had a fire in the pit last night and it was perfect, but by 10 p.m. I actually felt chilly. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

  2. We've had hummers all summer, but it's migration time, so we're seeing them more and more! Always a treat!!
    Stopping to enjoy...being in the moment. So hard!
    A friend and I were sharing a haiku moment every morning during the worst part of the shut down...I think we did it for nearly 8 months, and I'm finding I miss that calming start to my day. Lovely words today in yours.

  3. The new house will soon become your home. It just takes time. Once you start decorating it for upcoming holidays, it should start to have that homey feel. Plus, your RA flare during move in kind of hampered you from doing some of the redecorating/ painting for that personal touch. Enjoy your lunches outside as long as you can. Winter will be upon you soon enough. Winters in Western PA are very different from Eastern PA.

  4. Great catch on that hummer photo! I love it! And beautiful haiku!

  5. Hi Karen,
    ...well...having moved many many times during my adult life as a pastor's wife...haha...I know what you mean...and because we were often living in a parsonage...we weren't able to make many changes...but I think if anything had been really important to us we could have done...;) I read Kabat-Zinn's book a while ago...and although I don't feel like I have a lot of 'stress' in my life...I did find his definition of mindfulness helpful...and thanks for reminding me to be more mindful...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. I think a new house feels like home when you start having celebrations and holidays in it. I wish I could practice meditation.....I've mind just wanders way too much. I actually found it more stressful to try to meditate than I do to just give myself over to a craft for a while.

  7. We're still sorting out boxes, unpacking, decluttering as we still have too much & putting things in the loft. Like you, it still feels a bit like being on holiday.

  8. I have no doubt that the two of you will find a way to make that house a home. Enjoy! And I need to look for that book.

  9. I love your hummingbird picture. I do enjoy watching the hummingbirds in our yard. We have had a lot of them this year. So glad that you are happy in your new place. It will become more like home as you make more memories there. I hope you have a good long weekend. See you again soon! :-)

  10. Moving is great when you think it is vacation!!! I forgot about Fu11 Catastrophic !iving....I may have to get that one and read it again

  11. It takes quite awhile to feel centered in a new house, I think. In our house there were so many reminders of who lived here before. People will say....OH! You live in the George house.

    It's a strange feeling. I do try to gently remind them that it is now the Kissinger house OR the old schoolhouse. The ghosts of the Georges needs to leave. LOL

  12. I know just how you feel. I still feel like we are living in a really nice Air BnB. I'm only gradually getting familiar with where things are in the kitchen. It's a weird kitchen than needs a remodel to be functional, so it's a bit hard to work with now.
    I've done a lot of reading about mindfulness, so now I'm just trying to do it 5 times per week. I often use the Tara Brach guided meditations from her Podcast. They are good and free!

  13. I do think it takes time to feel at home in a new home. I think your approach is perfect - mindfulness, going with the flow for knitting, learning, and growing. September is a lovely month.

  14. I wouldn't mind moving again, maybe when the youngest is off to college.

  15. It takes to to adjust to a new home, especially if you lived in the another home for a long time and it was full of memories. Beautiful Haiku 😊


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