Sunshine Cardigan

Good morning! I finished the baby sweater! Somehow finishing a project and sewing the buttons on feels like such an accomplishment since we moved. I continually feel like I'm not getting much knitting done and then boom I have a lovely sweater off the needles for a dear friend's daughter who is expecting at the end of December.

The yarn is from the baby blanket stash that I over bought. The pattern is my tried and true Elizabeth Zimmermann two needle baby sweater. You know very well that I'll be casting on another baby sweater for the new grandbaby-to-be shortly.

What are you working on?


  1. That is just darling! I'm working on socks (of course) and another French Market Bag!

  2. That is a sweet little baby sweater and a lovely finish!

  3. Oh that is adorable. Great yeIIow sweater. ..ME.....socks. for Christmas

  4. Very sweet sweater!
    I have a good start on my Design 10 sweater.

  5. so beautiful!!!! i absolutely love the colour too!

  6. Hi Karen,
    ...that is the cutest!
    ~Have a lovely day!

  7. What a sweet little sweater. Of course, get those needles out for a baby sweater for your new grandchild. Baby and child sweaters are such fun. They don't have to fit perfectly and they are finished in a short amount of time.

  8. What an adorable sweater. I love the pattern.


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