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I started two new projects this weekend. First off is a smaller baby blanket for the grandbaby-to-be in a soft gray cotton yarn. I'm not sure I have enough yarn but I think I can rejigger the pattern to accommodate my 10 yards missing, wish me luck! My other new project is a cowl for a Christmas gift, let's hope I finish this by Thanksgiving because that is when I am gifting it, ha. The yarn is from stash and the pattern has a simple cable design that I thought looked nice.

What are you working on this week?


  1. That looks like a nice soft yarn, perfect for a baby blanket. I hope you win at yarn chicken!

  2. Two beautiful projects and that baby yarn is wonderful. My hand has been giving me trouble so I have taken a few days off knitting but hope to be back to my sweater soon.

  3. Hi Karen,
    ...I think a smaller blanket will be perfect...especially for stroller and car seat use...that's been my experience with our little one...I've just swatched for a new cardigan...hoping to be finished in November and hoping for a trip to Japan...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. Such a pretty color for a baby blanket. It looks so soft too. The cowl pattern is really pretty too. I love cables. I am still working on my cardigan. Just started the left panel and then all I have left are the sleeves and sewing it together.

  5. Both projects have beautiful yarn and lovely patterns. They will be gorgeous. I especially love the soft grey for the baby blanket. Very soothing.

  6. I have faith that you can make another blanket. The cowl is a pretty pattern. I am so - so close to finishing Norah's sweater. I cast on a hat that will be a gift for my DIL. I'm not writing about it on my blog because she reads it every now and then. Somewhere there is a sock languishing in a project bag.

  7. That green is SO pretty!


  8. Such lovely projects Karen! I love the squishy green yarn you are using for your cowl, beautiful color. I’m still working on socks, my sweater and a hat. Just not enough time in the day to work on everything.


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