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Every single morning I write in my journal about the day before and anything else I'm pondering about. I've been doing this daily journal writing for years and love the ritual of picking up my Lamy fountain pen and Moleskine notebook and beginning my day in the very best possible way.

I pour myself a cup of coffee into a 'current' favorite mug and sip away while writing. Sadly one of my favorite favorite mugs sprung a leak. So sad. However, that lets me shop to find new favorite mugs along the way. The sprung leak mug was over 30 years old so it served me well.

art journal

In my daily planner (not the writing journal), I write what I'd like to accomplish in that particular day. Sometimes I am really good at meeting these loose goals and sometimes I am not. I just move them onto the next day or the next week. 

While sitting in darkness and silence sipping coffee, I play fetch with Holly. This particular fetch game really isn't a true fetch game. I throw a mouse toy and she runs after it. Then comes back to me without the toy. She used to bring it back half way but now that she is a mature cat she lets me do all the walking. 

This fall time change has messed me up with sleeping and waking but I'm ALMOST sleeping in until 5 am. I've always been an early morning person but before five is a bit too early for me. My gram used to get up early and I'd rise as well and giggle as I sneakily sipped her coffee when I thought she wasn't looking. She always acted surprised that her coffee was disappearing and would vocally wonder what was happening. She was a fantastic grandmother playing along with her grandchildren.

My sister's sweater is nearly done with the color work!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Do you have a morning routine? Are you a morning person? 


  1. I like reading about your morning routine, and laughed at your Gram. I'm a morning person with a routine that is like yours. I get up early, sip tea from my favorite mug, plan my day, read blogs, and head out for a walk. It's so windy and rainy today that I got soaked just taking out the recycling, so no walk today. Your sister's sweater is beautiful!

  2. I love my mornings. I'm up way before Fletch, so I get to have my coffee quietly. Just Mabel and her antics these days. Sometimes I knit or stitch,,,often I get swept up in work emails before I would like to, but such is life. Sometimes I plan out meals. Nothing is cast in stone - just whatever I feel like on that particular day. Mabel is still bringing us her ribbon to play with her - cracks me up! Love your knitting - so pretty.

  3. I am NOT a morning person. I am very much a night owl.

  4. I am a morning person but I have switched to reading on my Kindle with my coffee in bed since I retired. I am still up and downstairs by 7:30 am but that reading time is really changing my reading life. The big thing for me is to get my “chores” complete before lunch because then I have the afternoon to go for a walk or sit and knit. Reading about your mornings (and those posted by a few others recently) have me missing that kind of time so we will see, change is always possible.

  5. I would love to be a morning person but my body clock is not set that way. My routine involves some stretching, a little upper body weight work. Then I make the coffee and we eat breakfast and trade sections of the newspaper. Whenever possible, I then journal, read a little poetry, and work on writing.

  6. Your morning routine sounds lovely! I always used to be a morning person but my kids test that sometimes - especially in summer, they get up so early, haha! 5 am wakeups are normal for us right now.

    Hope that you are having a good weekend :) We are enjoying the sunny days after a rainy and stormy week!

    Away From The Blue

  7. Hi Karen, have such a gorgeous view...and your morning routine sounds ideal...
    ~Have a lovely day!


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