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Right now I'm sitting in my family room with Frodo writing this post. The weather is freezing cold out there, brr. I like winter and snow - now I have to remember to bundle up and bundle Frodo up. I don't think there'll be a daily walk today. How are you? How are your wintry days going along? 

My husband and I have been huddled up in the house. I am a homebody and loving it!

Right now, I've been squeezing in more reading during the day which squeezes out other creative pursuits. My long list of what I want to do can never be accomplished in a given day and I'm okay with that. I'm being realistic. 

I came across an interesting saying that I thought I'd share with you:

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can stop them from building nests in your hair - Chinese Proverb

I've been mulling this one over and over again. I plan to do a creative art journal spread with this quote in my big notebook sometime today or tomorrow. 

Right now, the husband's first sock is at the heel turning! It's a nice project for these cold winter days and completely mindless enough for TV watching. 

The photo below is where I sit  and look at how I am trying to balance all the books I am reading. I keep moving things around to get the best scenario. That gray basket is flimsy so I'm swapping it out a woven one. At my old house I had a bigger side table that housed MANY books, yarns and stuff. This small skinny one is lacking space but I love the way it looks where it is. The black and white Vera Bradley tote bag is all of my current knitting projects (just two right now), circular needles and knitting tools.

Where ever you are I hope you are toasty warm if you have the winter season. Thanks for visiting and reading - have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sherman and I had a very, very, very quick walk this morning! You are right... brrrrrr! The perfect day to stay inside and be a home body! (I think a bit of baking is in my future... carrot cake, I think!)

  2. That sock does look like it will be nice and warm! My knitting love set looks similar, except the side table is on the opposite side from where I knit. That's okay, it insures that I have to get up every now and then to get scissors, a tape measure, or my book. I am grateful that I can be nice and warm indoors!

  3. Your sock is looking great Karen and it sounds like it’s the perfect day to stay indoors to knit and read. I love the Chinese proverb, that makes one think and reflect. I’m a homebody too and really always have been. Our home is our sanctuary but I do enjoy exploring and taking small road trips. I think you look cozy and you could always get a bigger table to sit next to your couch too. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

  4. I do love that you have everything within reach! It was 10 here this a.m. -- too frigid for me to go out and walk, that's for sure. That Chinese proverb is EXCELLENT!!!

  5. Frodo doesn't appear to be upset about not walking in the frigid temps. He seems to be a homebody too. Your husband's sock will be welcomed with your cold, cold weather. Your little knitting/reading area looks quite cozy. I think all of us knitters and readers have our "sacred" place. I know I do. Have a lovely weekend and stay warm.

  6. I love that proverb.

    It is super sunny here right now. It belies how actual cold it is.

    Your husband's socks look good. I'm sure he will appreciate having a nice, new cozy pair.

  7. I did manage a walk today, wrapped up warm but it was lovely to feel the sun on my face. I love your corner we all need one of those don't we but it has to be right too hope you get yours sorted how you want it x

  8. Hi Karen,
    ...what a sweet pup...they are such good company aren't they?...your sock looks amazing...
    ~Stay warm and have a lovely day!

  9. I fee1 1azy and then remember how hard we both worked in our career 1ife. I'm sitting by the fire right now trying to warm up. The joke is that after my morning knit finishes , We went for a drive and watched kids ski down the nearby resort mountain. The ski hi11 was ta11er and steeper than I expected. For a Friday in January, it was rea11y busy. Im next to the firep1ace now, watching the amazing 1ynn, winning again at jeopardy.

  10. Great proverb! And nice sock, too. The sun was out for awhile today, and we had fun exploring a new trail. Now to get back to my knitting...

  11. We are enjoying staying in with the bitter cold also, but I sure would love to get a long walk in some time soon. I like that proverb. I think I need that right now.

  12. It has been incredibly cold here with highs in the single digits. But, like you, I am very happy to be in my cozy house, reading and crafting. I need to read more during the day. Usually I listen to an audiobook during the day so I can knit, too.
    I am still working adjusting to our downsized house. We just bought a new end table, and that is helping

  13. The sock looks great. I imagine your husband will appreciate a new pair of socks. Your space is very cozy. I think you are having the cold weather we had earlier in the week. Today is Sunday and it was a little warmer here - 22 degrees and so I walked - briskly.

  14. I like how you have deep chairs to snuggle up in.


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