I've been thinking about the word 'abundance' all week long. Specifically, in my daily life and where is the abundance. In nature, there is an abundance of spring time blossoms and birds singing away. On my walks I try to notice what I see and hear to ground myself and to be present. This noticing crowds out the to do tasks and what's on my mind.

I have abundance in yarns, projects and all sorts of creative pursuits. I believe you all do as well. That's what we creators do.

Most importantly I've been thinking of the people in my life. Family, extended family, friends, neighbors and all the other people I have yet to meet in my new town. I still keep in touch with my friends from my old town. All of you dear readers who are friends as well. The community we share here is quite abundant.

In other news, they came and put up our awning! Now I know it's going to be warmer days. Of course there is snow in tomorrow's forecast but I'm ignoring that bit of abundance. Here's to sunshine, flowers, warm breezes and longer days. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This was the perfect post to read while I sip my coffee. You have given me much food for thought today! Thank you!

    Have a great weekend, Karen

  2. Thank you for enumerating all the things that are abundant in so many of our lives. Have a wonderful weekend and ignore the snow.

  3. You are right - our lives are full of abundance if we take the time to look! Your patio looks like a lovely place to sit and knit away a warm Spring afternoon. Boo to snow in the forecast!

  4. We have so much abundance in the Western world, like you've found we need to slow down to appreciate them. I too value the friendships in blog land as well as with people I see. Have a lovely weekend Karen.

  5. Thank you for this reminder Karen. We do have an abundance in nature don't we, I am always immensely grateful and never take that for granted. The noticing is a good thing to do regularly.

  6. We put our porch furniture out too. The umbrella is ready to go for those sunny days when knitting outside is perfect abundance of good fortunre.

  7. It snowed here a little today. That's probably the front that is moving your way. I have an abundance of grass! I'm not complaining at all! I love being outside cutting the grass. Which I have done once already.
    Sometimes I think I have too many things going. I have a hard time completing anything! UGH....
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. oh hooray!!! It is snowing here and I just had to shut the b1inds. I can't take it anymore. 60s and rain next week are going to be awesome

  9. Just got a note from a friend whose former exchange student just escaped from the Ukraine and how they struggled daily to get food as they were being bombed. We sure are lucky to have an abundance of everything, aren't we? We are supposed to get snow here tomorrow after temps in the seventies the other day. Weird weather lately, that's for sure.

  10. This post made me think of a podcast I listened to this week about “free time” really being “choice time,” and it really helped me to reframe the time I have to do the things I enjoy doing. It’s interesting how saying things in different ways really shifts your perspective.

  11. What a nice view you have. You've reminded me to take the time to "smell the roses" and remember the lucky and blessed abundance I have in my life.


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