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As I sit here and write this post, there are teeny tiny snowflakes doing their best to say 'ha ha, springtime, winter can still be here'. I'm ignoring the flakes and celebrating the first day of April! Can you believe it's April? The daffodils are blooming and my lilac bush is sprouting. 

Yesterday we went to the local park for a walk that we haven't done since late fall. The weather was warm but the winds were fierce. I don't mind being cold and/or damp down to my bones but I highly dislike windy days. 

My very first time visiting this park was after the high blood pressure event in early August and my meds being adjusted. I then committed to walking over 150 minutes a week which I've kept up with except for extreme snowy weather conditions or that horrible stomach bug. I'm proud of my commitment.

April beginnings remind me of new beginnings. I'm looking forward to more outings, day trips and exploring our new to us area. April means: fresh - new - more daylight - sunshine - growth - green - abundance - salads - iced tea - lemonade - fresh fruits.

In other news, I'm so close to finishing the cowl in the above photo. I'm working on it exclusively! What does April mean to you?


  1. I'm loving watching everything opening up. There are buds (leaf) on my lilac, our Asian Pear and our Fig tree! Daffodils are blooming all over the yard and hyacinths are also budded. And I got the go-ahead to move some and I can go walking. I'm excited!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Sitting out on the porch again with my knitting or a book. Seeing the flowers pop up more and more, especially the two dogwoods. Lighter meals done on the grill and maybe one more snow storm. It's been know to happen.

  3. April.!means flowers and warblers and baseball! You did fantastic with your goals!

  4. April is a new season, winter is past and the earth seems fresh. The soil is dry instead of boggy damp clay. My eldest was born in April, so definitely new beginnings for us. Great photographs. I'm looking forward to some crochet and reading this weekend. Cathy x

  5. I love your words for April, a wonderful list. It sounds like Spring is well on its way in your part of the world despite the snow flurries and fierce winds.

    April is daffodils, longer days, lambs, bird song and the green haze of Spring for me.

  6. So glad spring is finally making its way into Pennsylvania. Good for your for keeping up with your walking commitment. I hope that April is a good month for you. See you again soon!

  7. The wind was awful today, and then it started hailing! I'm looking forward to REAL spring arriving and staying!

  8. The winds this week have been... troublesome. And snow, sleet, and rain to usher in April 1st... well, we joked at dinner that Mother Nature was trying her best to FOOL us! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hope you don't have too much snow! You are making good progress with the cowl and it's nice you are sticking to your walking goals too! :)

    Autumn here but it doesn't feel like it - still very much summer temps in the middle of the day!

    Hope you're having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. Hi Karen,
    ...we've been having pretty glorious spring weather here too...and things are budding and blooming...your second cowl is so pretty!
    ~Have a lovely weekend!

  11. April... getting the garden ready! I am so happy that the time is getting closer! I have a self-propelled push mower and I have been out cutting grass this afternoon. I am going to get my exercise with that thing for sure! I have a big yard... probably worthy of a riding mower but I am not going to cave and buy one of those things.
    Love the colors in your cowl. I am still working on the sweater for my daughter and the one I started for myself several months ago. Can't wait to have those done soon.
    I hope you enjoy exploring the "new to you" area! That sounds like fun!
    Hope the weather is better for you today!

  12. Spring is an exciting time! I like to wander around my garden and see what is poking up. I like digging around and refreshing and tidying up some of the plants. And I love the extra daylight, especially because it means it’s not so dark when I leave work. Well done on the walking commitment! That is a major accomplishment and I hope you are feeling better for it!

  13. Sounds like the weather man was playing an April Fool's trick in your area. We've had a couple of nice days lately, perfect for walks and working in our yard. Thanks for the reminder that I should get back to that cowl! You are way ahead of me, that's for sure! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  14. Spring can be fickle. The cowl looks great and not just because the end is in sight. But then that always makes a difference in my knitting. April means slightly longer days and brighter skies. I wouldn't complain about a few April showers, especially this year. Congratulations on sticking with walking. It's always good to get out and move.

  15. April signifies Easter and spring break for us. We always start the Friday before Easter Sunday so it can be torturous. However, we have some plans to drive down to SoCal to check out two, college campuses.


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