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This week I've been working on 'being present' in what I do. When I'm on a walk with Frodo I notice what I see, hear and feel. The wind, the neighborhood dogs barking to say 'hello' to Frodo, the birds singing and feeling my cold hands and face while Mother Nature dips into wintry weather (I am not complaining!).  I've noticed that mornings are favorite times to notice the here and now. 

I am a part-time dabbler in the 'what if' scenario thought process. "What if this happens?"  "What if that happens?" These thoughts are not being present. And so I work hard at my mindfulness techniques, a constant work in progress. 

Guess what is NOT a constant work in progress...I finished that blanket! Oh boy what a labor of love. I hope to have some photos of the blanket for you next week. I'm excited that I can now do some casting on of short term projects while I mull about what long term project I want to do in the future (not a blanket but maybe a sweater, maybe). 

I've dusted off the paints and brushes and have been dabbling in some playful watercolor edges in my art journal. I'm lucky that my interests are vast and at any given time there is something for me to do that stretches my creative limits. 

How do you stay present? 


  1. It does help to have many interests, doesn't it? Though sometimes I get caught up in the whole choosing thing and waste time. I'm also a "what-if" person and I forget (easily) that that does not serve me well. Thanks for the reminder to be present. Wishing you a glorious weekend!

  2. Excellent thoughts, Karen. Mornings are definitely are better for "present brain bandwidth" Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Karen,
    ...your spring flowers are so pretty...and I love your white kitchen...congratulations on the FO...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. Great reminder, Karen! Love those daffodils; they are one of my favorite plants and the local animals don't eat them!

  5. Yes I'm a what if over thinker, I tend to stay present by laughing it off or shaking it off and try to let it go. Talking to others usually helps to put it into perspective.
    Definitely good to have a few small quick finishes before embarking on a long project. I'm still at the long project at the moment x

  6. Staying present is something that I definitely need to work on. With my future so "up in the air" it's hard sometime to stay present. Maybe I would worry so much about the future if I focused on the here and now.
    Can't wait to see your finished blanket. I need to finish this sweater and then I want to start socks. Something I have never done before.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I hear you on thinking about the what ifs which does not allow you to be present. I too am a work in progress on staying present and feel like I finally making some headway on it. I think it was one or two occasions which I worried about all the what ifs and was aware of myself doing it and then when all was ok I wondered why on earth I had worried. So next time when I felt myself going down the what if road I pulled myself back from it and let it be. It was and still is hard but life is so much better when I don't do all that worrying and can focus on the day ahead and being present as much as possible.

  8. I have the same issue with my mind. Knitting soothes the what ifs. But I''m assisted by reading this post and others' thoughts. It is a tough habit to break. Im trying

  9. You taught me the "name your senses" thing and I practice that as often as I can to be present. It works (when I think to do it!) and all the hearts for that art journal border!!

  10. I'm with you on the what ifs issue and good point that when we are doing that we are not present. Turning on an audiobook stops the what ifs...but again, is not present. :-(

  11. I guess by tackling whatever chores and tasks I need to get done; for example, I've been making a lot of wonton of late and because I had added shrimp to the mixture I had double the filling which meant I had to pick up more wonton wrappers from Safeway.


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