Herald Shawl


I finished this shawl last weekend and once it was off the needles I started another one because I loved the mindlessness of this simple pattern. I did not aggressively block the shawl but I probably could have to make the eyelets pop a bit more. 

This pattern is so easy to memorize and it's the kind of pattern you can talk and knit (at the same time!) and not make a mistake. 

The wool is MadelineTosh Merino Light, which is a lovely soft fingering weight, but lately I've not been a fan of single-ply because of the slight fuzz that appears and the increased chance of the yarn spitting while knitting with it (I used to be okay with this 5-10 years ago). This skein has been in deep stash for quite a while so I enjoyed knitting up the shawl and using every inch of the wool!

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  1. It must be a great pattern if you started another one as soon as this one was off the needles!

  2. That turned out beautifully!! Love the colors in that yarn.

  3. So pretty. What yarn are you making the current one in?

  4. Beautiful. I think the eyelets show quite nicely.

  5. Hi karen,
    ...that's another beautiful shawl...so pretty...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. You are so fast! I started this pattern a few days ago, and at first didn't get the stitch increases right. Now it's going OK, but I won't be finished with it as fast as you did!

  7. It looks so lovely, love that you have cast on another one so soon!

  8. playing catchup after some time away ... I will say that my cardiologist (new to me doctor this year) is one of my favorites ... I see him again in June and I'm actually looking forward to the appointment. I hope you can find a doctor who "works for you", too. So glad you got to see your new little guy again.

  9. That's an interesting colorway. Is it brown and white? I finished my dress today! It needs an ironing and then a photoshoot which may happen tomorrow or I think next week.

  10. it's a beautiful scarf Karen! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. Your Herald is beautiful! I immediately bought the pattern after seeing your previous post about it. Can't wait to get started on one for myself.... just as soon as I finish this beaded cowl I'm very, very slowly working on.


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