Pumpkin Hat


Hello! How are you and how has your projects been coming along this week?

I cast on and then finished a sweet little pumpkin hat for our grandson in less than 48 hours.  I adored making this little hat speedily out of deep deep stash left over worsted weight wool. I straddled different sizes for him because he has a big head (!). So I cast on for the child size, but the length is a toddler size and I went down one size for the recommended needles. Kind of a slap dash guestimate size for our little guy.

My hope is that this October he can wear the hat with the brim rolled up and next October he can still wear it with the brim down. No matter what, it will definitely be worn one season!

What are you working on this week?


  1. What a cute hat! Baby heads are big, but luckily, knitting stretches!

  2. That is perfect! I love the colors in the yarn and what a darling pattern. I hope you will be able to share a picture of your grandson wearing the hat come October!

  3. Very cute hat. You were smart to make it a bit larger in hopes he can wear it a couple of years. I am working on short socks (like usual)

  4. So cute. Nothing like an adorable grandbaby to jump start your knitting!!! :-) Baby things are just so much FUN.

  5. I recently finished a hat for one of our grandsons. I am ready to begin a sweater for his big brother.

  6. Nice! I'm crocheting a bunny. I want to get some sock yarn and get some ready for fall.

  7. What a darling hat. May your mods work out perfectly. I always think a slightly big hat is much better than too small.

  8. I love that your pumpkin is multicolored. I've knit little pumpkin hats, but it's been a few years. :)


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