My weekend contained:

-daily walks and gathering leaves - stay at home weekend - phone calls with family - knitting gnomes (the photo below is number seven!) - lots of reading - visiting my neighbor discussing Holiday plans and gifts for family - enjoying the BIRDS at my bird feeder - seeing a red breasted nuthatch at my feeder first time ever - getting excited for an upcoming museum visit this week - writing out my weekly plans and lofty goals! - hearing S N O W in the forecast (yay) - getting all the laundry and cleaning done in one day

How was your weekend?


  1. Gnome knitting is the most satisfying knitting! Go you! Happy Monday!

  2. That was quite a weekend - fun and productive!

  3. We seemed to have slipped back to summer with 80+ degrees. The trees are not happy

  4. Had a very busy week with Stephen here. He left early Sunday morning and I decided that since I had to break down the guest room and clean the bathroom, I'd REALLY deep clean them. It felt so good to have everything fresh and make the guest room my CRAFT room again. Then it was the pile (mountain) of laundry. We also made time to pop over to Clinton and relax at the coffee shop while enjoying the colors and the river.

  5. That sounds like a great weekend! I love the leaves. Such beautiful colors.
    My weekend was good too. Lots of knitting and gardening.

  6. Such pretty leaves. SNOW??? I can't believe you heard that in the forecast, but Fletch told me it could go down to 30 Tuesday night!

  7. Snow!? I am not ready for snow just yet.. I haven't had enough sweater weather yet..
    Sounds like you had a peacefully perfect weekend.

  8. My weekend was pancakes and knitting and catching up with some friends. I am enjoying working on my first sweater of the season. Which pattern are you using for your gnomes?

    1. nice to gnome you using worsted weight wool with size 5 needles

  9. Your weekend sounds very productive. No snow in the forecast here yet, but that is only a matter of time - at least I hope so. We need the moisture. Our weekend was super busy, as I posted about. I sometimes need another weekend just to recover from the weekend. I love your fun gnomes, and that you are already making holiday plans. I hope you have an enjoyable week.

  10. A perfect fall weekend! Are you really hearing SNOW already?? I'm jealous! It's just starting to get chilly here. I'm ready for the cold (I know I'm in the minority here...lol).

  11. That sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  12. Snow already?! Wow! Love how your gnome knitting coordinates with your leaf colors. :)


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