Knitting News and a Hat


Good morning! I'm excited to show you my new hat that I've been wearing on my walks with Frodo. It is a warm hat and that is exactly what I needed. I wished the brim was a little longer and maybe the next time around I will pick a plumper DK wool. Otherwise I am thrilled with the way this hat turned out.

I thought I was finished with knitting Christmas gifts and then remembered two more that I needed to whip up. Thankfully mitts are a super speedy knit. I've finished one pair and am currently knitting the second pair.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Cute hat, Karen! I love how that yarn has a lovely little halo!

  2. That is a lovely hat! I like a deep brim that I can turn up and have a warm double layer over my ears. I guess you'll just have to knit it again (and maybe buy new yarn)!

  3. That turned out to be a beautiful hat!

    Hold on to your horses .................I'm knitting a ...........SHAWL. Just cast on last night.

  4. Your hat turned out so nice Karen. Love the color of the yarn, and it looks great on you. I've taken to wearing ear bands when I walk - they keep my ears warm and keep my hair off my face (LOL). I, of course, am knitting socks.

  5. Hi Karen,
    ...I can FINALLY post a comment again...YAY!...I love your hat and cute on you!
    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. Karen, I love your hat! You make the mitts in record cute!

  7. Wow. such a lovely hat! The mittens are wonderful too. You're so fast!

  8. The hat is gorgeous! And so are the mitts!!

  9. Your hat is wonderful and I love that mitt pattern.

  10. What a pretty hat. It is such a good color for you. Maybe you will have to buy some new DK yarn for another. I'm knitting away on the last accessory for my Grandson - a scarf.


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