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Hello! How are you all doing? We had such a great time babysitting our grandson. We are exhausted, ha ha. I definitely used muscles I haven't used since I babysat the toddler girl a few years ago. So glad that I do all that exercising!

Anyways, I am working on a super secret project that doesn't have a photo or a project page. I ran out of yarn and am waiting for the new yarn to arrive. Once my secret is over, I'll share it with you, I promise.

Above is my hat which I am working on in bits. I love this pattern and the quince yarn. I'm not a fan of bobbles but these bobbles are endearing! 

What are you working on this week? 

I hope to be visiting you all today and tomorrow :)


  1. Very pretty hat. I love being tantalized by super secret projects. I just finished 2 projects and have picked up a languishing WIP to work on. Hoping to get it completed before our warm weather hits in a couple of months.

  2. Very cute hat. I love the gold with the black and white.

  3. That's a wonderful hat. I'm one who really likes bobbles!! I loved making them on the Heartwarmer Cowl (believe you knit that one too). Can't wait to hear what your super secret project is!!

  4. Ooh, I wonder what the super secret project could be? In the meantime, that is a lovely hat you're working on.

  5. The hat has a pretty color combination. I have to smile. Yes indeed when I am with babies, toddlers, and kids I get a work out. I wonder what that super secret project will be.

  6. Oooo! I wonder what the Super Secret Project could be as well!!

    Good thing you have that gorgeous hat to take our minds of the secret project :)


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