Motta Hat


Good morning! How are you doing? Do you have snow? We are supposed to get some but so far nothing is happening. 

I finished this lovely hat in mid-January and enjoyed every row and every blessed stitch. I am still trying to decide if I want a pom pom on it or not. I'm wearing it pom-pom-less and seeing if I like the way it looks and feels. If I do go for a pom pom it will be a removable one for hand-washing the hat.

What are you working on this week?


  1. That is a lovely hat and I really like the yellowish ribbing with the rest of the hat. We're supposed to have snow, too, but nothing here yet.

  2. I love your hat and the bobbles on it are wonderful (I am such a fan of bobbles it is ridiculous!). And the gold rim is perfect. I like the idea of a removable pom-pom - then you actually get two looks in one! It's right at 32 here now and no rain or snow yet...but it's in the forecast.

  3. That is a very pretty hat. Looks like it will be quite warm too.

  4. What a pretty hat. I sure do like the gold ribbing as an accent. Maybe if you do decide on a pom-pom it could match the ribbing. I am the kind who likes that sort of matchy-matchy. We had a lovely wet snow on Saturday - just an inch or so but it was so pretty. Most of it is gone now. There isn't any in the forecast just bitter cold temperatures. Still I like winter.

  5. That is a lovely hat! I think Jane is right on the pompom as well... a gold pompom would be so fun!

  6. I love the hat. Pom-poms are a personal choice.


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