Hello! How are you all doing? If you celebrate Easter, are you ready? My sister is hosting this year and it will be a very small gathering. This week has been relaunching my 'regular' life. After playing catchup with all that was left undone before we went to Indiana, I've been slowly re-entering my daily habits.

My husband is still dealing with a nasty asthma flare up. These spring allergies are crazy! During an intense heat up in one day, we quickly assembled our back patio only to welcome back cold cold weather. Yesterday it rained all day and I drove up to my dad's house for a little visit. I haven't seen him since he was in the hospital.

Frodo strained a shoulder muscle before our trip and is good as new after his kennel stay. He is back at 'patrolling' the neighborhood. (patrolling is code for barking). He loves when the kids get off the bus!

I've been seeking inspiration in my life. Whenever I think of a meal that we both like and I haven't made in a while I write it down, this is much better than me remembering. We had taco salad earlier this week and it was the best ever.

The art inspiration is coming back so so so slowly. I guess my dad's illness knocked the motivation right out of me. I made an Easter card and it felt great to be dabbling back in my paints. Maybe I am getting re-inspired? 

My knitting mojo is fabulous, I love all of my projects immensely. I am glad that my knitting inspiration is healthy and reliable. I have a running list in my planner of what I want to knit or need to knit as a gift. The list is overflowing with ideas.

What are some of your go-to meals for springtime? Looking for more inspiration...


  1. I've been eating salads daily for lunch. One day I'll put a hard boiled egg in it for protein, another day some tuna and I usually add a handful of edamame for protein too. Shrimp just boiled witih old bay seasoning is a favorite summer meal for us. Or Italian bread sliced, brushed with EVOO and broiled...then add bruschetta on top and a little cheese if so inclined (I like it fine without cheese). I'm glad your Dad is home and that you can easily go visit him. And I'm welcoming back seeing your painting - very nice! Happy Easter. We will be with family in Virginia!!

  2. I am in the Salad for Lunch camp as well. Your Easter card is so lovely! Have a great weekend!

  3. Salads for lunch (and often dinner, here, too). Right now I'm enjoying one with pineapple bits and dried cranberries. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. I'm struggling with meals too, but I love a simple pasta with a veggie/tomato sauce or chili con carne. I love your little card. Happy Easter to you!

  5. The Easter painting is so cute.

    Grilled chicken is my go to in spring.

  6. Love your new speakers. Anything cool and light is our mantra here for spring/summer eating. Lots of salads, shrimp cocktail, grilled meats ( chicken, salmon, burgers etc). We say goodbye to soups and stews until next fall/winter. Crafting changes too. Blankets and heavy lap warming knits give way to lighter weight knits and cross stitching. Your Easter card is perfect. Hope you dad continues to improve. Have a blessed Easter.

  7. I love this positive post! So glad that things are going well and that you are getting your mojo back. I love the Easter card. Your taco salad looks so delicious! That is a great idea to write down recipes you haven't made for a while. I may start doing that because I am always looking for good recipes, but sometimes I forget about the stuff I used to make. I hope you have a wonderful Weekend and a nice family gathering.

  8. How nice you can go visit your Dad at home. That is music to my ears. Isn't it wonderful that knitting is so reliable? Your Easter card is very pretty. Happy Easter.

  9. I love salad with most things but for ease, I cook a lot of recipes in my slow cooker or pressure cooker. If it's hot, I'll use either for the main part of the meal and have chips, mashed potato, rice or noodles with it plus the salad. It's just easier sometimes. The Organised Mum has lots of recipes for slow cookers online. Happy Easter, Cx

  10. Your picture of your salad is inspiring. I am retiring from teaching in June. I am exhausted right now and I love seeing foods. I am so tired. Thank you for sharing your pictures...

  11. Yum! That salad looks delicious. I've been eating SO many more vegetables than normal lately and as much as I hate to admit it, my body feels so, so much better. Love your painting!


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