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I have three projects going at the same time and yesterday each one had a little bit of attention brought to them. First off is the sweater in the above photo. I am wondering if I have enough yarn and yet I keep knitting. Sometimes it's fun to flirt with yarn shortage.

Next up is the baby blanket, I mainly work on this in the evenings and love every blessed stitch!

My last project is the cowl that I've knit many times but only own two of them. The rest were gift knits. I love this project and I hope I can block it a bit wider than it's coming out. 

What are you working on this week?


  1. Lovely projects - ALL of them. The cowl color is fabulous and it's obvious your are knitting a bunch of love into that baby blanket. So soft and pretty looking. I am finishing up a pair of Goldfinch socks and then will be on to something new!

  2. I have chained myself to the sewing machine so I get the sewing done! :) But I have a pair of socks for my evening TV Knitting!

  3. It's nice that you've got three great projects and are enjoying each one of them!

  4. Pretty projects, but noooooooooooooooooooooooo, I don't like playing yarn chicken. LOL Hopefully, you will have enough yarn. The pattern on your cowl is very pretty.

  5. All lovely projects! Not knowing if there will be enough yarn can be fun. I tend to knit faster when I worry about the yarn, as if I can outrun the shortage ;-)

  6. look at that baby blanket - what a blessing! I'm knitting stripes ... around and around and around. and enjoying it very much (and also wondering what my next project might be)

  7. What a nice group of projects. The little baby blanket is surely a gift of love. I'm knitting on a hitchhiker and a hat.


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