I'm delighting in the ordinary days of approaching summertime. During nice weather (as in not raining) I go for my walks and notice the changes in nature. This week the tree frogs have started to sing. In March I cannot wait for trees to leaf out and wonder when it will occur. In June I feel like I didn't pay enough attention to the changes for spring. 

Around here the kids are done with school and I love to listen to the neighborhood laughter. 

For the party last week, my husband quickly filled some pots with annuals to brighten up the deck, their pops of color fill me with delight whenever I'm washing my dishes and looking out from the window. 

Many times this week I dabbled with paints and pens, exploring new ways to be more loose in my work. Not an easy task but it's fun to try. Letting go of expectations and exploring without a means to an end is the most delightful way to spend some creative time.

What has delighted you this week?


  1. I was delighted when I was on my way to Ryan's house this week. I drive past a large lake and it was lovely to see loads of water lilies in bloom!

  2. Rain! My yard was getting so crispy! I know most people hate rainy days. I love watching the rain come down.

  3. Love your little paintings - so lovely. We just had a whopper of a thunder storm (which enabled me to leave my conference call early!!). Happy Father's Day to your hubby. Have a great weekend.

  4. Your paintings are gorgeous! I am embracing the rain... we need it so. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Your paintings are so wonderful. The one with the blue background gives me a sense of peace. I'm delighted by all the blooming flowers. I walk by a patch near a home that is completely filled with blooming bachelor buttons in a variety of colors.


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