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I'm making slow but steady progress with striping in my 'back up' wool for this sweater. So far, I am loving the way it looks and hope I have enough of the off-white yarn to make it to the ribbing. However, I do have another 'back up' skein to get me through the yarn shortage if there is one. I'm thoroughly enjoying this game of yarn chicken only because I am winning.

What are you working on this week?


  1. The striping was a good decision to make sure you win at yarn chicken, and it looks great, too!

  2. I love how that striping looks... it was a fantastic idea!

  3. The striping looks great. Yarn chicken IS fun when the yarn is stacked in your favor. Happy knitting!

  4. The striping is an elegant solution. It looks very planned to me. Enjoy winning a game of yarn chicken.

  5. i love your sweater. i don't know that i'd be able to play yarn chicken. i'm too timid a knitter. i did finish my shawl i've been working on for a few years and just started a galway sampler afghan. have a great weekend!
    love & magicks

  6. Nice work! Can't wait to see it finished. Bravo to you for playing yarn chicken!

  7. Looks fabulous! I'm working on a crocheted shawl, its for a pattern test for someone and I am utterly fed up of it LOL


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