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Good morning! How are you? 

I've had a full week with classes and yesterday our fridge and dishwasher arrived. Of course it was stressful, beginning with the fridge not fitting through the kitchen door. The team really wanted to call it quits but we pleaded that they try the back door which goes through the family room which doesn't have a doorway. Thankfully one of the men said yes and my husband was scrambling to remove the back door and unhook the screen door.

Bless sweet Frodo, he cannot hear anything and just sleeps through it all.

So the fridge was installed but then there was a water leak (of course), we have a plumber today coming to fix that. Apparently it's our end of the plumbing and not the fridge. Every single fridge we have bought and installed we have had waterline leaks for the water dispenser hookup, it must be a rite of passage. I am grateful that I saw it early and no permanent damage was done. The dishwasher installation needed a new shut off valve because the old one was ancient.

Even though the day was stressful, I love the new appliances. The fridge is so quiet and quite roomy! I am looking forward to the weekend where nothing happens.

I've been working on the gnomes and making steady progress on them. I do enjoy using up scrap yarns and combining colors. 

I have been loving the fall colors on my walks. They are truly beautiful and I am sure they will be gone within a week or so. I do love living where autumn is glorious!!


  1. New appliances are great, but new appliance delivery and water leaks are not. Glad you've got the problems taken care of!

  2. I finished my sock yesterday just in time for the return of chilly weather next week! Yay! I am glad you got your appliances in... may the leak repairs be quick!

  3. I'm so glad your appliances are in and that drama is over. Can be sooo stressful. Love the colorful gnomes...I may need to make a few.

  4. Oh my...getting new appliances through doors can be stressful! We had a new upright freezer delivered one time and in trying to get it through our door the delivery people scratched up the front of it. They asked if we wanted them to take it back and bring a new one and we declined because we figured it would end up the same way. :) Our refrigerator is 30 years old and I hope it lasts as long as I do. I dread the thought of purchasing a new one. I like the color combination of blue and brown on the gnome knitting! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hopefully after all the stress of delivery and installation, the fridge and the dishwasher require no further adjustments. Isn't it fun and satisfying to use up scraps? Here's to a calm weekend of ordinary days.

  6. Sorry to hear about the drama, nice to see your knitting, very calming after the stress. Cx

  7. Lately there always seems to be drama with appliances. We had to go to a different store for our latest dishwasher as the installer from the first store claimed the dishwasher we chose wouldn't fit the space of our old dishwasher that had the same dimensions. Glad that there was one man who was willing to try the other entrance. So glad you like the new appliances too. I love that gnome knitting. Great colors.

  8. We have had the same issue with waterlines to the fridge and finally decided to not hook up the last one. I too love the fall colors but I have a hard time enjoying them because I know that soon snow and ice will be coming. Missouri weather is unpredictable. We have had snow on Halloween before. Looking forward to seeing your Gnomes! :)

  9. Sorry about all the hiccups but the appliance are installed and you can start enjoying them now.. hurray. Looking forward to seeing your gnomes.


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