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Good morning! How are you?

I am tired from the time change even though the time change was to my benefit. Sadly I am waking up at strange times and then having trouble going back to sleep. Also one of the many smoke alarms decided to chirp at 3:30 a.m. (grrr)

I have FIVE gnomes completed and would like to make two more. I had to take a knitting break yesterday due to hand and wrist pain as well as neck pain. Too much of a good thing ends up being a problem. I feel a lot better.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Your gnomes are adorable and they look so cute all lined up on the shelf! I hear ya when it comes to the hand, wrist and neck pain from too much of a good thing. I have to stay focused or it comes all too quickly. I'm glad you are feeling a lot better now.

  2. Your gnome horde is growing! (Take care of your hands and neck so you can knit more gnomes.)

  3. Why is it that smoke alarms always "go bad" in the middle of the night????

    Your gnomes are adorable.

  4. Your gnomes are just darling Karen! Some folks will be very happy to receive, I'm sure. Sorry about the wrist/hand/neck pain - hope that dissipates soon. Your smooke alarn mention reminds me that one was chirping at C&Ms the last time I was there...need to check that out!

  5. I love your gnomes! I'm tempted to make one too...
    I hope the pain goes away soon.

  6. Love the gnomes! All so cute together. Feel better soon!

  7. Your gnomes are just so cute!! I love them all! :)

  8. I am having trouble sleeping also. I never usually have a problem with the time change. I hate when those smoke alarms chirp....usually overnight. Ours are hardwired, but have battery backup. We now use 10 year batteries which we had to change this Spring. Don't plan on being in this house 10 years from now. I love all those gnomes.

  9. I'm working on getting Lucy adjusted to the new time! we're taking it in 10 minute increments so hopefully we'll all be in Standard time by the weekend ;-)

  10. The gnomes are delightful. Listening to your body and taking a break is so smart. I hope the rest of the gnomes fly off the needles.


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