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Good morning! How are you?

Around here, we have had warmer weather that has melted the snow away and so we have a muddy backyard. It's nice to wear regular winter weather but damp weather sometimes feels colder.

This week once again, I pulled out the paints and started on my Valentine cards. They are not finished but it was fun to sit and paint hearts in various pinks. I hope to work on them later on this afternoon.

The baby blanket is so close to being finished! I'm already plotting away the future baby sweater to cast on. I usually use the Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern 'two needle baby sweater' which as you might guess is mostly memorized in my head.

I'm excited for non-credit classes to start up once again. I'm taking more history classes (who am I? I didn't like history in high school.) and of course Tai Chi, which is my favorite class ever.


  1. Every time you mention your Tai Chi class I get so envious!! Cute V-Day cards.

  2. I'm also wishing we had affordable Tai Chi classes. Last time you mentioned it I looked around but only found some that were well outside my budget.

  3. Cute cards! And I admit, I loved the weather outdoors this morning for Sherman's walk!

  4. The little cards look like they are fun to make and they are very cute. I'm like you. History was OKAY in school, but now I want to know more.

  5. I love those cute Valentines cards. I think I will take a Tai Chi one day after I retire. I continue to go through the online, non-credit history classes offered by Hillsdale College. The last one I finished was the History of Christianity. Sounds like you had a pretty good week. Hope you have a good weekend.


  6. That is so awesome you are taking classes, I would love to take a Tai Chi class someday. Love you cards !

  7. Fun cards! It's interesting that history becomes much more likable as we age, isn't it? Nice work on the baby blanket; that was a big project!

  8. yikes - Valentines Day is going to be here soon ... I need to start thinking about cards, too! I'm enjoying the first not-rainy day with some knitting, a few books, and a bookclub discussion!

  9. What sweet Valentines. Personally I think learning about history is much more interesting than the way it was taught when I was in high school. Although I have to say I did like history classes.


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