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Good morning!

I have been focusing on these socks because we have a 'hand-knitted sock crisis' going on in this house. I threw away another pair of my husband's socks. They were threadbare! What is going on here? What forces are descending on this humble home?

My husband has four pairs left in his drawer. Can I darn the worn out socks? No, I cannot - the holes are over an inch big at the soles where he wears them out. And so my knitting epiphany is to always have a pair of socks on the needles from here on out. I really do not want deadlines (I'm still recovering from the blanket deadline I created for myself) so I'm just going to have a pair on the needles. Slow and steady wins the race!

(as a side note, I am thrilled he wears my socks threadbare and loves them so much, what a knit worthy person!!)

What are you working on this week?


  1. That's a shame you may have to shop for more sock yarn! ;-)

  2. Socks ---- always socks. I don't darn the worn out either. I can always FEEL the patch. Happy no-deadline knitting!

  3. It looks like you have a lot done on the current socks. Love the colors. And I agree that socks worn out are way better than socks not worn. The Yarn Harlot is currently on a kick that she is doing two socks at a time and she knits a minimum of 10 rows a day on each sock, then goes on to her other knitting. She is getting a pair a month doing this. I'm not quite there yet with my sock knitting.

  4. There is something so comforting and magical about sock knitting!

  5. Knitworthy people are the best people. Especially when they are your spouse! I am working on short socks for me.

  6. Of course I am knitting socks too! For me!! Both Fletch and Colin are very knit-worthy and I sure enjoy knitting for them. Mailing is knit-worthy too, but she doesn't like regular socks...only little no-show ones which I should start to make for her.

  7. Socks are a great project to have on the needles. Soothing, portable, and practical. It's a win win. It's very nice that your husband wears your socks.

  8. What a blessing that your husband appreciates your knitting efforts that keep him in socks! I love the colors of this current pair...


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