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 Well, look at that! I am on the second sock. We had a lovely getaway and I came back home Monday. I am still playing the great catch up game that I always do when I arrive home. On Friday I will post about our long weekend.

For now I am focusing on this second sock and this will probably be the last pair of socks for my husband for quite a while. (unless I change my mind!). These will not match and I have come to peace with that.

What are you working on this week?


  1. I did see on IG that you were in Hocking Hills (I think) - we were there several years ago and loved the area. Yay for sock #2. I wonder what will be next on your needles....

  2. I think fraternal socks are as delightful as identical twins! Welcome home ( I hear you on easing back into the "normal" routine! )

  3. You've knit quite a few socks for your husband, so it might be time to knit something for yourself!

  4. I chuckle every time you say the socks won't match and your ok with that! LOL! I imagine that is a hard thing! I am still looking for an easy adult sock pattern to make a pair with the yarn I have that will probably not match either! Hope you get caught up soon and looking forward to hearing about your weekend!

  5. Well look at that second sock cuff. I agree with Bonny, maybe it's time to knit something for yourself. I'm working on a shawl and a hat. I'm also doing a little hand stitching.

  6. It’s always nice to start the mate to our socks… good for you. Glad you enjoyed your time away.


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