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Good morning! The past two days have been cool enough to enjoy the weather outside but the heat is coming back. Lucky for me, I have lovely knitting projects to keep me company.

The above photo is a pair of mittens, surprisingly for me! My daughter and son in law gave me the wool for Mother's Day. I'm having a hard time seeing the rows because the yarn is so dark but I'm having fun with the pattern.

The below photo is the lace scarf that I finally memorized the stitch pattern, this took me nearly half of the scarf to do so. The middle stitches are easy to memorize, it was the bordering stitches that continuously stumped me. I am enjoy this knit!

What are you working on this week?


  1. Lovely projects! The yarn for your lace scarf is gorgeous. I'm knitting sock #2 and my Shakerag Skirt.

  2. The lace scarf is gorgeous! I bet the mittens are going to be nice, when you described the yarn last week, I knew it was something special. Yep, windows open at 6am and I'll close them 8:30 before it gets hot.

    1. Sorry! Didn't add my name when i just commented.

  3. Lovely lace knitting, Karen! I am on Sock #2 also... hoping to get it finished this week!

  4. I agree with Vera that you've got some nice projects in progress. I had to resort to crochet when it was too hot here yesterday (and hotter today). But I really don't like crochet very much, so I'll be back to knitting soon!

  5. Both of your projects are lovely, Karen. The heat is returning here today as well. But so far, we have had a nice breeze blowing.

  6. It is hard to think about mittens right now. I guess I should start some so they are ready when needed.

  7. The weather is cooler here today. I won't be knitting much for the next few days since I have so much cleaning up to do. I have small Christmas gifts that I am going to working on for my coworkers. Love that scarf. I understand the memorizing the pattern thing. The scarf I just finished was like that for me! LOL! Have a blessed day!!!

  8. Dark yarns are getting harder to use for me too. I cast on a color work cowl last night. I have a few sweaters in the works but I wanted something smaller and was missing color work. Lots of sewing and quilting too.

  9. oooh, that lace is so pretty! I'm knitting the first sleeve on my white cotton cardigan ... and thinking about hand-stitching the binding on my 2nd quilt. the internet has been QUITE distracting ;-)

  10. Your lace knitting is very pretty. I love the color. I'm working on the second pumpkin baby hat (twins) and a sock.


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